Comrade Corbyn Does Not Care About All Our Lives

By John Shaw

Just read an article from the ‘Guardian’  where Comrade Corbyn shares his thoughts.

He is very keen on maintaining free movement of people between Britain and the rest of the EU and yet again shows that he does not give a damn that mass immigration causes hardship to his traditional voters or anyone else’s lives.

Normal working people are abandoning his Party when it comes to voting as they now understand that immigration takes their jobs and/or reduces their pay, worsens the housing crisis, destroys the areas where they live and has brought the NHS to the point of collapse.

The article headline was about Comrade Corbyn comparing the Prime Minister to Henry VIII because she will not allow a vote in Parliament on the final Brexit deal!   It is thought he only wants this as a means of stopping Brexit altogether!!  I just don’t see the Tudor King comparison but Comrade Corbyn sure reminds me of Marx, Trotsky and far more relevant Lenin and Stalin.


5 thoughts on “Comrade Corbyn Does Not Care About All Our Lives

  1. Cannot stand the man . Although his principles do not fair well with the indigenous working classes, at least they are principles he stood by over the years. He is not a Blairite unlike both the rump of Labour and all of the Conservatives.
    He is a very rare breed. One of those who never grew out of his communist brain wash during his university years. Most grow out of it when presented with real life ie; a family and mortgage.
    Marxism was always a front to dispossess the masses, and replace the current order with members of Marx, tribe. They called in INTERNATIONAL Socialism . A meaningless abstraction. Rather than NATIONAL socialism, which they successfully vilified for probably all time.
    Hence the dummy Corbyn sees, all in a international frame.

  2. A post script.
    This plonker said he would negotiate with Islamic State ( daesh) He also is a firm supporter of the IRA. But on no account would he share a platform with the BNP so one must imagine not with the BDP either..
    The difference being those he would support are murderous foreigners, and deranged killers of Brits. but not those involved in helping Brits in their current attempted genocide. But like I said earlier. He at least admits it. The rest try to hide their hatred of both Britain’s past, and its future.
    So who is worst ,those one can see coming , or the furtive who pick your pockets and steal your heritage, with stealth and lies.

  3. More Marxist Watch. Whilst the Prime Minister was in Liverpool , attending an ARMED FORCES DAY Parade , the disgrace of an Opposition Leader , Comrade Corbyn , was turning Glastonbury into a COMMIEFEST ! Although I sadly admit there was wild support for his speech , I feel sorry for the normal People who had just gone there to enjoy the music !

  4. Knowing the whole Country , including his own supporters , thinks that Comrade Corbyn has just been sitting on the fence for a couple of years , the Marxist leader has finally issued a Policy ! His so called 5 POINT PLAN just KEEPS US IN THE E.U. SUPERSTATE IN ALL BUT NAME. Even now he is being somewhat sneaky as his so called proposals to ‘ help’ the Prime Minister would mean that we keep FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES. Brexit was won due to MILLIONS of traditional LABOUR VOTERS as they wanted to END THE FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLES that was doing so much harm to their LIVES, in so many ways. Even so , the Comrades who have taken over the Labour Party were shocked and devastated at this after all their ‘ Educating of the Capitalist Lackeys,. The Comrades really do think like this and apart from being cruel they are also CLUELESS.

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