The Chief Democracy Deniers In Britain’s Cabinet

by John Shaw

Philip Hammond

Amber Rudd

Damian Green

David Gauke

Greg Clarke







Apparently these cabinet members are among those in the Conservative Party that are trying to push the Prime Minister into accepting that while free movement of people will officially end, there should be no immediate move to reduce immigration, once we have left the European Union Superstate.

The British Democrats have previously warned that there are many people, in high positions of trust, who are working day and night to thwart our referendum decision.


Personally I hope their local constituency make a move to deselect them should they continue to break faith with the democratic responsibility of trust that has been placed in them.  

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  1. I agree, the constituency should deselect them, no ifs or buts!

  2. The above people are just the type to claim that when we leave the E.U.SUPERSTATE , Britains co-ordination with other Countries will suffer ! NO IT WILL NOT. Amongst the coverage of the dreadful Terrorist attacks in Spain , I noticed that British and Spanish anti Terrorist spokesman and women have said that we liase continually with no problems. All the other Countries Security services say they are very happy to work with Britain and this will not change !

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