Chancellor Believed To Be Planning Brexit Betrayal

by John Shaw

The frightening truth is that every time an EU member has voted against the superstate’s general plan, they have been faced with delays and obstructions which has eventually meant the country concerned has had to surrender.

This has happened to France, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland and Greece.  Italy wants to leave the euro money scheme and will surely be thwarted in their desire.

The remainer and democracy denier Phillip Hammond is trying all he can to provide the same outcome. He actually has the audacity to hint that maybe we could maintain ‘fake movements of people’ for a few years or even forever!!!

His job as Chancellor of the Exchequer was widely believed to be gone prior to the general election, now he is in a position of power to work against the best interests of the British people and their democratic decision to leave the EU.

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  1. I have to say that I am very disappointed that nobody yet has commented on this situation and indeed article. With so many ‘ democracy deniers ‘ out there , working day and night to thwart the will of the people , there is a real danger that the British Nationalist dream of being our own Country again , is in great DANGER !

  2. SINCE our above article , exposing the sinister , undemocratic agenda of Chancellor Philip Hammond , he has broken ranks with the Cabinet and ‘ FLOATED ‘ the MYTH that free movement of People will continue for a ‘ transitional ‘ period ! NOT TRUE and the Prime Minister will be livid ! International Trade Secretary , Liam Fox , has warned that maintaining Freedom of Movement , after Britain leaves the European Union WOULD NOT KEEP FAITH WITH THE REFERENDUM RESULT . yOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN ! Well said MR. Fox !

  3. This third week in October brings a mass of story’s regarding examples of Philip Hammond WORKING AGAINST BRITAIN. As you can see above , the British Democratic Party had it’s suspicions regarding his behaviour , MONTHS AGO !

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