Challenge From The British Democratic Party, To Jeremy Corbyn

by Simon Fairbairn

Jeremy Corbyn
Simon Fairbairn


Having yet again been totally incensed by Jeremy Corbyn, leader of HM opposition,  claiming that he will solve the housing crisis, I hereby challenge Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party, to debate housing and mass immigration, with me representing the British Democratic Party, live on Sky News.

He and his mass immigration obsessed party have continually made the housing situation worse and to have the gall to suggest the opposite is an absolute insult to people’s intelligence.

2 thoughts on “Challenge From The British Democratic Party, To Jeremy Corbyn

  1. the corrupt Labour Party are a disgrace to Britain and would have no intention of stopping anymore 3rd dross from Africa or the Middle East coming here as much as I dislike the Tories I will be very happy to see Labour finished off at the Election in June great to see UKIP & Lib Dems wiped out at the local elections maybe our Party can replace them as a credible Government in waiting

  2. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Well said Adam. There is a great opportunity to fill the vacume that is being left in British Politics by Ukip’s demise. The Country has clearly decided to get behind the Prime Minister so she can fight for Britain as we withdraw from the clutches of the real ‘ Evil Empire ‘ , the E.U. SUPERSTATE ! People will have noticed the new , vigorous , positive attitude from us British Democrat’s , SO HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE A PAID UP MEMBER AND ENJOY THE RIDE ! Note , at the time of writing , NO ANSWER HAS BEEN RECIEVED BY OUR PARTY , REGARDING OUR CHALLENGE TO THE LEADER OF THE LABOUR PARTY.

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