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US Independence Day

Britain also gave America Magna Carta, which after modifications over successive generations, became the foundation of democracy, not only in America but throughout the West and beyond. That is something of which we can be rightly proud.

The Enigma of Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was not the favourite of the media or the Political Class during the campaign and his treatment has not improved since the election. He has not simply been demonised; he has been derided as an economically and politically illiterate oaf.

A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation

We are not American, we are British, but having listened to Donald Trump’s wonderful speech regarding American strategy for home and abroad, I really do feel our country needs a leader like Donald trump.

Donald Trump Should Make A State Visit To The United Kingdom

We are still a civilised, democratic country and if our Prime Minister cannot host a visit from the President of the United States of America without mass violence from unhappy anarchists , various communists, Liberal types and immigrants, then we have sunk further into the abys than I thought.

End All Immigration From Hostile Countries

With the wonderful new president of the United States Of America, Donald Trump, ending all immigration from Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, IRAQ, Iran and Yemen, a beacon of light, an outbreak of common sense has started to bring light to a world that was sinking into the darkness of lefty liberal type attitudes of anarchy.