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Mosque plans submitted for London’s Trocadero in West End

A mosque for up to 1,000 worshipers could be built inside the Trocadero building at London’s Piccadilly Circus.Developers have submitted plans to Westminster Council to convert parts of the former basement cinema into a community centre and event spaces.

They must not return, ever

Now we have a situation where people from our immigrant communities, being born here or not, have taken their hatred of our people, religion, way of life and indeed country, to such levels that they went abroad to fight British soldiers and our allies.

Deport Anjem Choudary Today

Convicted of advocating support for ISIS, this disgusting British hating individual has been released early from Belmarsh prison.

It’s Time To Ban The Burka and Veil

With a clampdown on religious extremism and intolerance from the so called religion of peace, supposed to be happening, isn’t it time to ban the burka and veil?

It’s Time To Go

The law of the land states that all foreign criminals have to be deported at the end of their prison sentence. Personally, I believe this should be extended to all Commonwealth citizens

Sadiq Khan – A lesson In Hypocrisy

This person is everything our Party is not, as proved by Khan’s fanatical support for the European Union super state, denial of the referendum result and being totally hostile to Donald Trump.