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Our so-called ‘Black’ Ancestry

Earlier this year the UK daily press and all main TV channels welcomed research at the Natural History Museum which, they said, shows our ancient ancestry was black. It is the media’s interpretation of a facial reconstruction on the skull of Britain’s oldest skeleton, the 10,000-year-old Cheddar Gorge Man.

Trees Without Roots

If you bring in young African and Asian immigrants to compensate for falling indigenous birthrate, you do not turn them into substitute Britons after a brief citizenship ceremony. You turn more and more parts of Britain into Africa and Asia.

Moderation is Not Another Word for Muddled Thinking

The key to the muddle is a confusion between nationality and citizenship. In Western Europe, in general, and in Britain in particular, they are seen as synonyms. In Eastern Europe – even in the Soviet era – (and to some extent in Germany) they seem to be distinct.

Sadiq Khan – A lesson In Hypocrisy

This person is everything our Party is not, as proved by Khan’s fanatical support for the European Union super state, denial of the referendum result and being totally hostile to Donald Trump.

Mr. Cameron's Compassion

Mr. Cameron is a kind man; there can be no doubt about that. He never allows intellect or reason to get in the way of his altruism – even undeserved altruism.

DC Stephen Robin Oake, QGM

Stephen Oake, an anti-terrorism detective with Greater Manchester Police, was murdered while attempting to arrest a suspected terrorist in Manchester on 14 January 2003

Hate Speech

A conversation that might easily have taken place in (say) 1923 between Lenin and Trotsky a few months before Lenin’s death. The detailed prescience with which I have endowed both Lenin and Trotsky can only be described as a logical and historical outrage. However, Trotsky did, indeed coin the word racist.