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Signs of the Times (Front National)

the FN has tripled its vote compared to five years ago. The FN now has 356 regional councillors, compared to 117 in 2010, so it has more than tripled its representation. Some wipe out!

George Osborne gets caught out

The OBR forecast was based on more than a million more immigrants added to the workforce between now and the next election. So Osborne’s budget must be based on the same assumption.

Straws in the Wind (Front National)

The FN topped the poll in six of France’s thirteen regions, where it will now run off against one or more of the system parties in the second round this coming Sunday, 13th December.
While undoubtedly the second round will prove a hard struggle in which every vote will count, there are reasons to hope that the FN will carry at least two of the six regions and might do better still.

Oldham West By-election: UKIP A Deserving Victim Of P-C Cowardice Collaboration

Labour increase their share of the vote by 7.3% but a poor showing for Farage and his politically-correct fan-club in the Oldham by-election! No surprise there. What is surprising is the response of Farage
Mr Farage said Oldham’s Asian population had voted for Labour in large numbers, even though, he claimed some did not speak English but were signed up for postal votes.

Politics does not take place in a test tube

Marketing includes promotion but does begin and end with it. Marketing follows the short term demands of consumers and adapts its product to those perceived demands. Marketing, when applied to Politics, does not start with Principles that it attempts to sell. It adapts its principles to the short term demands of the market (that might themselves have been cultivated in the longer term by carefully sown desires and priorities.