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Revealing Our News Controllers

Kamal Ahmed, the BBC’s new Editorial Director of News, was born in the UK with a Sudanese father and an English mother. A graduate of Leeds University in 1990 with a degree in politics, it is not surprising he later worked on The Guardian  and then became political editor of  The Observer.

Just Like Britain, Canadians Are Denied The Truth

The media make me sick.  A gunman went on the rampage in Toronto Canada, killing two and injuring twelve and all the media can do is say people should not jump to any conclusions about possible motivation in regard to this incident.

Daily Mail ‘Adopts’ The British Democratic Party?

Having reflected the statements of the British Democrats, yet again. I expect this newspaper to promote our Party and our nation saving social and economic policies, on an official basis

Why Do They Always Get Things The Wrong Way Round!

Britain’s National Crime Agency have done sterling work with countries like the Philippines to stop our convicted and registered child sex offenders getting past the various countries immigration controls.

The Missiles Flew The Wrong Way

Personally I do not like people being killed, even when they are doing wicked things to other people. I just cannot find it in me to be pleased.

Fake News from Sweden Reported By BBC News Channel

Sweden’s Liberal Party Integration Minister has been forced to admit she falsely told the BBC the number of reported rapes in the country was falling.  The misleading claims drew sharp criticism from MPs, economists, and criminologists.

Fake News Enquiry To Be Launched By MPs

MPs are launching an inquiry into the “Growing phenomenon of Fake News”.
The Culture, Media and Sports Committee said it would investigate concerns about the public being swayed by propaganda and untruths.