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Amber Rudd’s Home Office Has Lost 56,000 Migrants

During the BIG non story about sex scandals in Westminster the government quietly announced that of 80,000 foreign nationals scheduled for deportation around 56,000 were considered as absconders having failed to check in regularly with officials.

May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

In an interesting report from John Shaw on this website last week he noticed that in a study held prior to the Referendum Afro-Asian voters intended to support ‘Remain’ in a much higher ratio than UK ‘born and bred’ voters.


As their Tory counterparts are doing here with regard to Brexit, which they are determined to water down as much as they can. In which they appear to be succeeding. It is depressing, but not surprising,  that Teresa May, who unlike Donald Trump was not elected on any sort of populist platform (or at all, in fact!) is now talking about “making globalisation work post-Brexit” (a bit like making turkeys work post-Christmas Dinner!).