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The Order of Brexit Negotiations

 The arrangements for withdrawal can take account of “the framework for its future relationship with the Union” only if that framework has already been decided.

Le Pen vs Macron

Marine Le Pen’s populist nationalism has been pursued with an approach that has drawn the support  of many young people in areas that have been devastated by globalisation and its resultant mass unemployment.

Fake News from Sweden Reported By BBC News Channel

Sweden’s Liberal Party Integration Minister has been forced to admit she falsely told the BBC the number of reported rapes in the country was falling.  The misleading claims drew sharp criticism from MPs, economists, and criminologists.

Marine Le Pen surges ahead in French polls

According to an Opinionway poll released today, Marine Le Pen will get 26 per cent of the first round vote, compared with Emmanuel Macron on 23 per cent and Francois Fillon on 21 per cent.

Lord! Mandelson Condems Himself

One of the architects of mass immigration, multi-culturalism and crushing political correctness that enforces these dreadful policies, has condemned himself and his fellow international Marxists.

The Common Currency Will Kill the EU

The forging of a common currency was supposed to bring the countries of Europe together. In fact, it has now driven them apart. It seems that the damage done by the disastrous monetary experiment will bring an end to the EU within three years.  And trade, freedom of business and European co-operation will be the better for it.

May’s Brexit Is Not What It Seems

In an interesting report from John Shaw on this website last week he noticed that in a study held prior to the Referendum Afro-Asian voters intended to support ‘Remain’ in a much higher ratio than UK ‘born and bred’ voters.

Nigel Farage Invited to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

It was reported today that Nigel Farage has been invited to the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th as a guest of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. 
Asked if he would be attending the event, Nigel Farage told Sky News, “I most certainly am, I can’t wait.”


The Government have announced that Britain will not take part in the EU plans to relocate migrants around the member countries.
According to plans devised in Brussels, member countries could be fined up to £210,000 per migrant if they fail to issue sufficient residence permits to third party nationals.