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May sees Brexit as damage limitation

The news that Theresa May’s Chief of Staff, Nick Timothy, says that many of her Cabinet and numerous advisors and civil service people, see the Brexit negotiations as a damage limitation exercise is shocking to some!

It’s Mayhem

No one in our country is happy with the political situation, whoever they usually vote for or whatever way they went in our Referendum. The whole world has judged our politicians and their narrow based, opinionated and wrong, parties as totally incompetent.

SUCCESS via a negotiated NO DEAL Brexit

The 2016 EU Referendum asked voters whether they wanted to remain in the EU or leave it. On the Referendum ballot paper there was no mention of any conditional deal with the EU as to the manner of leaving – we simply voted for Britain to cease being a member of the European Union and revert to pre-1973 independence. 

National Economics

In future, the Port of Dover must have one truck lane for “IN” (for the occasional truck load of bananas and pineapples) and ten lanes for “OUT”, as we export goods and food to the EU and non-EU worlds, like times gone by.

Economical and social impacts of immigration.

Walk through a high street or supermarket in a large town and you will find yourself in a mixture of third world languages and faces. Perhaps some British have accepted it and others simply try to ignore it?

Britain Cannot Afford Mass Immigration

Given that we have around 2 million unemployed people and another 10 million ‘under employed people’, encouraging immigration is the politics of the ‘Madhouse’

Tit for tat: British tariffs to match EU tariffs

Britain imports considerably more goods and services from Europe than we export to Europe, a tit for tat imposition of tariffs on EU exporters to Britain would produce a large profit which could finance the bureaucratic task of collecting tariffs and redistributing them as compensation to our own exporters.