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Conservative Brexit Alliance / coalition

However, Britain would have nothing to fear from a No Deal arrangement with the EU, contrary to what left-wing Remainer MPs complain of; they only ever refer to tariffs imposed on us, never to the tariffs which we would be free to impose. We would gain more than we paid in tariffs because we import more from the EU than we export to them.

The Enigma of Donald Trump

President Donald Trump was not the favourite of the media or the Political Class during the campaign and his treatment has not improved since the election. He has not simply been demonised; he has been derided as an economically and politically illiterate oaf.

A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation

We are not American, we are British, but having listened to Donald Trump’s wonderful speech regarding American strategy for home and abroad, I really do feel our country needs a leader like Donald trump.

Sadiq Khan – A lesson In Hypocrisy

This person is everything our Party is not, as proved by Khan’s fanatical support for the European Union super state, denial of the referendum result and being totally hostile to Donald Trump.

End All Immigration From Hostile Countries

With the wonderful new president of the United States Of America, Donald Trump, ending all immigration from Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, IRAQ, Iran and Yemen, a beacon of light, an outbreak of common sense has started to bring light to a world that was sinking into the darkness of lefty liberal type attitudes of anarchy.

Nigel Farage Invited to Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration

It was reported today that Nigel Farage has been invited to the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th as a guest of Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant. 
Asked if he would be attending the event, Nigel Farage told Sky News, “I most certainly am, I can’t wait.”


As their Tory counterparts are doing here with regard to Brexit, which they are determined to water down as much as they can. In which they appear to be succeeding. It is depressing, but not surprising,  that Teresa May, who unlike Donald Trump was not elected on any sort of populist platform (or at all, in fact!) is now talking about “making globalisation work post-Brexit” (a bit like making turkeys work post-Christmas Dinner!).