Cameron is "Proud" of UK Foreign Aid Largesse Claim

david-cameron-4It is reported that David Cameron has informed delegates at an international meeting that UK aid spending made him “proud to be British” – sickening how these pampered politicians get a kick out of squandering our money.

The event, hosted by the British taxpayer, seeks to get yet more funding from nations, companies and charities toward African countries’ own nutrition plans.

The British prime minister has backed a target of saving 20 million (largely African?) children from chronic malnutrition by 2020, thereby exacerbating that continent’s overpopulation problem – the root cause of today’s poverty and malnutrition.

Clearly the relationship between cause and effect or, more to the point – overpopulation and famine, appears lost on Britain’s increasingly out of touch premier.

At the London event, Cameron is said to have acknowledged concerns over UK aid budgets as the country endures austerity, but justified this country’s £10 billion ring-fenced foreign aid budget by claiming that it was equivalent to just 1p from every £1 of tax paid.

Quite why this “penny in the pound” can’t go to British charities remains an unanswered question.

This being a particularly pertinent question coming, as it does, at a time when British charities are crying out for much needed funding.

He insisted that Britain was “out in front” in reaching the target to give 0.7% of GDP because “its people are concerned with trying to help those who are suffering in other countries”; what planet is this man on we wonder – “Earth calling planet Spendthrift, come in please”?

Can Cameron really be unaware that many worthy British causes such as the Great Ormond Street Hospital, British Red Cross, Salvation Army, Heart Research Foundation and various air ambulances, are desperate for cash?

How about some extra funding for Help For Heroes – Tories ironically assisting those they have helped to cripple in pursuance of US/Zionist globalist ambitions?

Furthermore, is the man deaf to appeals from charities such as Help the Aged and blind to the fact that tens of thousands of elderly Brits die prematurely from cold related illnesses every winter?

Can it really be that the wretch considers Africans to be more deserving of our tax money than “hideously white” Britons?

If Cameron must salve his conscience at our expense then at least he should spend our money wisely – preferably on contraception and birth control education.

You vote Tory and you get Cameron – there’s a lesson to be leant in there somewhere!

6 thoughts on “Cameron is "Proud" of UK Foreign Aid Largesse Claim

  1. When one hears a politician like Cameron talking about ‘reshaping the world’ or’reordering’ the world’ (Blair) one knows one is dealing with a power -crazed egotist.

    Cameron’s aid to foreigners isn’t about helping others tho. It’s about making the Tories look ‘caring’.

  2. Cameron, and all others of his wretched ilk, sicken me! Britain should STOP ALL FOREIGN AID 100% and use the money to save the British from the abject squalor we are now reduced to! Cameron, and those who agree with his outrageous twisted political theories, say that paying foreign aid enables Britain to “have a better place in world affairs”. Britain has absolutely no business whatsoever meddling in world affairs! Let the world get on with it the way it wants to. It is the business and responsibility of the British Government to PUT BRITAIN FIRST – not to use the British people as the myopic milch cows of the Third World. Let the world go to blazes as long as Britain is properly governed and raised from its current status as a Nation of Tramps. This would do vastly more to help the poor in other countries anyway, because their governments would either have to get their acts together or face revolution and being deposed for more competent politicians – as is quite likely to happen here when the greater majority of British People have had enough of being ripped-off. Surely, only politicians who do not have two brain cells to rub together believe that foreigh governments that have been receiving Foreign Aid by the bucketfull for over 50 years have not been able to use the billions of pounds to raise their countries to a sufficient standard to support a proper civilisation? So what good has our Foreign Aid done so far? Look at the palaces, mansions, private aircraft, limousines and lifestyles of the political leaders. Many people have argued, correctly, that paying Foreign Aid does nothing to help the ordinary oppressed, sick and starving citizens – it merely helps their thoroughly corrupt political masters stay in power, propping-up regimes which should have fallen generations ago. This is Britain’s Foreign Policy – and the oppressed and starving in Britain are the poor sods who have to pay for it! Viva the Nationalist Revolution!

  3. Just read that our so called Prime Minister is giving a £175million to people who hate us and all we stand for in Syria. He is determined to get us involved in another war that is nothing to do with us ! British Democratic Party policy on this type of thing is clear. No foreign wars that do not involve British interests !

  4. When I started school in 1962 there existed the ‘Freedom From Hunger Campaign’. Twice annually, schoolchildren were issued a small manila envelope into which we were ‘encouraged’ to deposit that week’s pocket money. This ‘encouragement’ was in the form of emotional blackmail by teachers.
    Half a century later vast amounts of money are still being poured into the seemingly bottomless pit of Africa. It should thus be obvious to all that due to a variety of factors including incompetence and corruption that financial aid is not the solution to the problem.
    In my opinion what is needed is a return to European administration and compulsory birth control. Thus, in due course natural resources of that continent could be effectively utilized as recompense and benefit to other, less naturally enriched nations; with that latter revenue plowed back into the African economy.

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