Cameron: Cynical and Unprincipled Veto which Can Still be Overturned

David Cameron’s veto of the Economic Council meeting’s proposal was cynical, not absolute and unprincipled, and can still be over Andrew Brons MEP has said.

Speaking after a debate in the European Parliament on the conclusions of the meeting, Mr Brons told BNP Ideas that while he was pleased that Mr Cameron had vetoed the treaty, “I cannot applaud his motives.

“If Germany and France had agreed to a supposedly legally-binding protocol protecting the City from further regulation and from a financial transactions tax, he would have agreed to it,” Mr Brons said.

“If he is opposed, in principle, to fiscal union, he should not allow himself to be persuaded to consent to it, simply because it would not apply to us in the United Kingdom.

“That would be unprincipled and hypocritical,” Mr Brons continued.

“Mr Cameron is being applauded by his Euro-sceptic wing, when his rejection of the Treaty was cynical, pragmatic and not absolute and principled.

“Anyway, he has probably not succeeded in saving the City of London from regulation, because the legislation can be pushed through the Council by qualified majority voting,” he pointed out.

“However, if it’s any consolation for poor Mr. Cameron, whilst the seventeen plus will certainly be able to reach an agreement outside the auspices of the EU, it will be an agreement binding in honour only. It will not be enforceable by the institutions of the European Union,” Mr Brons concluded.

2 thoughts on “Cameron: Cynical and Unprincipled Veto which Can Still be Overturned

  1. There has been a great deal of hullabaloo in the MSM about Cameron’s use of the veto at the recent Euro summit. Correct me if I am wrong, but my understanding of this meeting of EU head’s of government is that it is merely talks about what would be in a new treaty draft, as it was not a formal Inter-governmental Conference (IGC). A formal draft treaty is yet to be drawn up and presented to an IGC (possibly next year?) However, him being the first British PM to use the veto in such negotiations has given MSM organs like the Telegraph and Daily Mail the opportunity to mislead people once again about what Cameron’s true position is (and is not) regarding the EU. All the evidence from Cameron’s past utterances and actions point to him being a committed ‘EUrophile’. But EUrophilia has been the committed ideology of the City banksters and fatcats, of whom Cameron is but a mere puppet. I expect his brief from his ‘handlers’ was along the lines of; ” Try and get all the nasty staff about transaction taxes etc struck out, but failing that, scupper the deal”. Of course now he has been hailed as some kind of patriotic hero by wishful thinking Tory EUro sceptic backbenchers and naive Tory supporters. It remains to be seen how this will all play out domestically vis the coalition (other than further exposing Clegg to be the utter pillock that he is!) although the main benefit is in terms of the propaganda campaign to secure an IN/OUT EU referendum. In showing up the apparent inconsistency of Cameron’s erstwhile EUrophilia with his latest behaviour, it sheds light on who is really controlling things in our country.

  2. Komrad Kameron is totally commited to the EUSSR, any disagreement is for show to hoodwink the voters we have a patriotic prime minister, we no not.
    There’s been a lt of mention of another European War, the Globalists would love that of course, a great excuse to bring in UN Troops onto mainland Europe, is that the Agenda I wonder.
    Is Komrad Kameron and Merkel hoping we will engage in another war with our German cousins again.
    These Globalists elites are perfectly capable of stooping to such levels, after all that’s exactly what they did in WWII when Adolf kicked the Bankers out of Germany, the Bankers went straight to Britain and the US.

    Benjamin Freedman warns the West

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