Cameron Conning The British People?

8-RFA-Mounts-RexA number of newspapers took David Cameron at his word and published reports about how Britain would be supplying ships and helping Nato and the EU to turn migrants back before they could enter the Greek islands.

It has since turned out that David Cameron has either a very shallow understanding of the Nato/EU involvement in the Aegean Sea exercise or is being very economical with the truth when he briefed the British media and people on the situation.

Cameron’s description of the Nato mission’s work, which he said would help “smash” trafficking gangs that help migrants cross the Aegean, seems to have been contradicted – by Nato itself – after its Secretary General said the ships won’t be turning around, or even intercepting, any boats.

“The purpose of Nato’s deployment is not to stop or push back migrant boats,” Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement.

A Government statement released today says that Nato forces will inform the Turkish Coast Guard of any migrant boats they detect and will leave it up to the Turkish Coast Guard to intercept / stop them.

It should be noted that the Turkish Coast Guard have no jurisdiction outside Turkish territorial waters.

Mr Cameron also said we are not part of the Schengen Agreement and migrants entering Europe via this route could not enter Britain.

He has obviously not considered what may happen when these migrants are granted asylum and EU citizenship by the other 27 EU Countries. Although we are not part of the Schengen Agreement we are a member of the EU and as such must allow EU citizens to freely enter Britain.

There are presently 128,000 EU citizens living in the UK who were not born in Europe.

The only way we can have full control of our borders is to vote LEAVE in the forthcoming referendum.


5 thoughts on “Cameron Conning The British People?

  1. ( Party Official ) We British are always being hoodwinked ! This referendum is a God sent opportunity to overthrow the whole corrupt E.U. Superstate system and much else besides. Let’s do it , VOTE OUT !

  2. I’d reckon there’s 128,000 non European Europeans living in each of London’s 33 boro’s.
    When I returned to Gatwick recently I had to queue behind Africans, in the European queue, no queue exists for us indigenous English. These 6 had no passport but ID cards much like a driving licence.
    Would I be able to transverse the EU without a passport. I doubt it.
    As I’ve said elsewhere Cameron has no need to con the lemming folk. They are far to busy spending their benefits, and easy credit, to worry their poor selves.
    Universal Suffrage was the start of the end.

  3. ( Party Official ) Having mentioned that people might do the RIGHT THING for THE WRONG REASON , some time back , I.e. voting OUT just to slap Mr. Cameron in the face , I was very pleased to see the media start to speculate about the Primeministers future WHEN BRITAIN VOTES OUT ! Once again the British Democrat’s are AHEAD OF THE GAME !

    1. Just like some immature lefties voted against AV in that referendum to change the voting system in 2011 purely because they were still sore at Labour having lost the election in 2010 and didn’t like Nick Clegg because he formed a government with David Cameron and the Tories! Although saying that I am glad that AV lost because it is a terrible electoral system and if we had chosen it we would have been stuck with it for decades before another opportunity to change the electoral system was ever offered!

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