Calling David Cameron's Bluff over EU Referendum

cameron-euby Sam Swerling.

David “Call me Dave” Cameron has certainly been less than candid about his public pronouncements over the future of the European Union and Britain’s place within it.

Cameron has told the nation in two recent related speeches that he plans to negotiate the repatriation of powers from Brussels and then hold an in/out referendum some time in 2017.

Why should we believe him?

He gave a cast-iron guarantee that the Lisbon Treaty (2007) would be made the subject of a referendum but then changed his mind, somewhat lamely on the grounds that most of its terms were now the law of the land.

Yet Cameron’s advisers must have pointed out to him that provisions in both the Amsterdam (1998) and Lisbon Treaty dictate that once the European Commission and Council of Ministers have assumed competence over areas of policy an ‘acquis communautaire’ arises whereby repatriation of any powers can only take place if the EU nations unanimously agree. This is simply not going to happen. Both Germany and France have already declared their opposition to any revision of the six treaties of the EU.

Cameron is unlikely to win the 2015 general election and even if he does he would find some way to persuade the people that he had done all in his powers and they should vote to stay in the EU.

The BDP deplores Cameron’s deviousness and knavish tricks.

We back the only way forward: an early referendum followed by legislation repealing the 1972 European Communities Act and Britain’s withdrawal so as to secure our sovereignty and democratic freedoms.

3 thoughts on “Calling David Cameron's Bluff over EU Referendum

  1. There are many millions of people in Britain who want our country to quit the EU and regain its proper independence as a self-contained sovereign-state. Nobody knows exactly how many, and we cannot know unless an in/out referendum is finally held. The 2 critical issues are: (1) there will never be a resignation method which carries legality within the EU itself. The European Treaties which form the EU are like those self-tightening “Chinese handcuffs” where you can easily put your fingers into the trap, but it is then almost impossible to free them again. (2) Resignation can therefore only be achieved by a strong and committed government which is prepared to pass an Act of Parliament that elevates British home legislation (i.e. British Law) to a higher legal platform within the UK than the European Parliament and all its vast libraries of “small-print” legalities. (In short, the Act would need to remove all EU law from legal recognition in Britain.) This would actually be relatively simple, granting that the Act would have to be very carefully drafted to avoid any oversights in the new legislation. The greatest difficulty of all is achieving a British government with the agenda, willpower and sheer balls to stop messing around in the EU limbo and just do it. Britain can loose absolutely nothing by quitting the EU, but can gain massively from doing so, and achieve an entire spectrum of genuine economic, social and lifestyle advantages which could well see our country safely through at least the next few centuries.

  2. (Party Member) Do not be fooled by our Prime Minister’s ‘crocodile tears’ this week. When the Liberals and Labour conspired to block a bill in Parliament that would have set a date for our referendum on European Union, HE KNEW THEY WOULD!

  3. (Party Member) For the record some will be surprised to hear that it is entirely within the Prime Minister’s power to call an in or out referendum on the European Union without recourse to Parliament. It’s all smoke and mirrors, Just like Gordon Brown before him!

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