By Births Will Britain Cease To Be

By Southwest Nationalist. Britain’s colonisation by the cradle continues with news that the number of babies born to Polish mothers has increased almost fivefold in just five years, now making up around 1 in 38 of newborns in the UK.

In 2005 there were 3,403 births to Polish mothers, making up just one in two hundred children born here.

By 2010 that figure had soared to 19,762, and making up 2.7% of all babies born in the UK.

Babies born to foreign born mothers made up an astonishing 25.1% of live births in 2010, or slightly more than a quarter of all births.

Poland has now displaced Pakistan when it comes to foreign born mothers giving birth within England and Wales – although Pakistan still leads the table for foreign born fathers, and foreign born fathers as a whole sired 23.4% of children born in England and Wales during 2010.

Information on the father’s place of birth is not available for 5.9% of births which were solely registered by the mother.

For 2010, 17.7% of all children born in England and Wales were born to parents who had both been born outside of the UK.

Quickly doing the maths, that makes 30.8% of live births in England and Wales during 2010 include at least one foreign parent.

Of course, these figures show only those born outside the UK – second generation and later immigrants will not be recorded as a part of them.

As a single example of an areas colonisation, 2010 saw 76.4% of newborns in Newham born to foreign women. Over three quarters, isn’t that truly staggering?

By way of the cradle we are becoming a colonised nation, the demographics of our country are being changed by all recognition.

Not only is the foreign invasion of Britain happening at the borders, it is also happening in the maternity wards, it is colonisation on two fronts.

These figures are a wakeup call to what we face – an ever growing population, of which the original British people make up an ever decreasing part.

By birth and by open borders we are ceasing to be Britain.

*All figures sourced from the ONS. 

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  1. This website does an excellent job of informing us of what is wrong with our society.

    But it would be useful to have a section of the site devoted to positive articles and comments on how we could make our society fairer, safer, more efficient, more accountable, more democratic, and how we could empower voters so that their voices are heard.

    Surveys show that only a quarter of British people believe that mainstream politicians are doing a good job for the electorate, and more than half say they want all further immigration to cease. But voters still vote overwhelmingly for mainstream parties in preference to either the BNP or NF – the only two parties which promise to end immigration completely and reverse it where possible.

    But where is the wholesome, respectable, Brons-led alternative party to represent those concerned voters?

    A new party might do well to emulate Sir Andrew Green’s research charity Migration Watch UK. He and his colleagues do not attract accusations of racism or extremism because they are polite and factual.

    Can we start afresh with a new democratic party (let’s not use the demonised word “national”), and do it soon? Mr Brons may be in danger of turning fence-sitting into an art form.

  2. I do that wish that I didn’t have to say this Kev, but if you really do think that a political party which advocates the essential policies needed to prevent the realisation of the dire predictions mentioned in this article, will escape the racist and extremist smear, then your head must be firmly in the clouds and you need to come down to earth with the minimum delay and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

    Migration Watch only escapes the establishment smears because they are only a pressure group and merely articulate the problems of immigration. If they were to become an effective political force and advocated solutions to those problems, then they too would be smeared. (This is not to say that the BNP under its current leadership has those essential policies).

    We already have a smear free party of the type you seem to be recommending Kev and therefore useless for the task ahead as regards the problems mentioned in this article – it’s called UKIP.

  3. Why isn’t this on the BBC news, don’t the British people have a right to know what our Government is doing to us.

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