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Where we stand on British Identity

IdentityWe recognise that the unique character and enormous achievements of the British people can be attributed, to a large extent, to their ancestry. Distinctive peoples are not the product of distinctive cultures; distinctive cultures are the product of distinctive peoples. The very existence of the indigenous population is under unprecedented threat. The destruction of our people will lead to the destruction of our heritage.

Nationality is acquired by descent and unlike citizenship cannot be acquired by legal contrivance. Citizenship should be based on Nationality but it has, quite wrongly, been bestowed on people who are not British Nationals. Since 1948 there have been enormous demographic changes without any consultation of the electorate.

The British Democratic Party is committed to ending all immigration. Talking about reducing net immigrationis to connive at the replacement of the indigenous population. Illegal immigrants and immigrants who have committed serious criminal offences would be repatriated immediately. Other immigrants, especially the unassimilable ones, would be provided with incentives to return  to their countries of origin and those countries would be provided with incentives to welcome them.

Our brand of Nationalism is certainly a commodity for export; it can also be imparted to the ethnic minorities in our midst. Why should they settle for being second-class ersatz Britons when they can become proud members of their own peoples.

Laws that provide immigrants and ethnic minorities with preferential treatment would be repealed.

Asylum seekers would be accepted only if they had been singled out for ill treatment and if Britain were the first safe country they encountered. Asylum seekers who travel through or over several safe countries before arriving in Britain become migrants of choice. Successful applicants for asylum status would be permitted to stay until a safe country in their own part of the world could accommodate them.



We maintain that the settlement of our country by large numbers of foreign people from around the world does not enrich our culture or promote multi-culturalism and diversity. On the contrary – the effect, here and around the world, of mass migration is, we believe, to impoverish everyone’s culture, destroying diversity and replacing it with a commercialised homogenised global lowest-common-denominator pop planet-wide monoculture which benefits no-one except for the giant multinational corporations whose worldwide marketing this makes easier.

In contrast as Nationalists we support real diversity. We want a sustainable multi-cultural world of diverse nations rather than the destruction of every culture – and the diverse ethnicities that uniquely created it – everywhere in the name of Big Business-driven global pop monoculture.

We would therefore maintain and enhance our nation, with its ancient ethno-cultural identities, Scots, Ulster, Welsh, Cornish, Manx and last but not least English, our traditional folk cultures and musical heritages, and the languages underlying them,  as a hotspot of rich indigenous cultural diversity.

We would encourage other peoples and nations around the world to do likewise. Thus the world will not lose everyone’s culture in a homogenised mass mess but instead celebrate and preserve the rich cultural diversity, heritage and ethnicities of the World.

On a global level, and in the long run, we Nationalists are the only true friends of multiculturalism and diversity, which those who parrot those Politically Correct catch-phrases would in fact destroy, for everyone everywhere.

–Reproduced from our policy leaflet

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  1. Distinctive peoples are not the product of distinctive cultures; distinctive cultures are the product of distinctive peoples. Exactly! But even to think this in today’s “free and democratic” Britain is an unspeakable thoughtcrime!

  2. Absolutely spot on. We are expected to believe the most outrageous lies about culture and heritage, and passively conform to one myth after the other.. the above article tells it how it most certainly is in the real world. Different cultures reflect the characteristics and capacities of the various peoples, but even the ”moderate” advocates of reality avoidance will try and tell you otherwise.

  3. ( Our Heritage , Customs , Standards and Traditions help produce our Nominal, Christian way of life. You do not have to go to Church all the time to be a decent person. With our untarnished name , these are the people who will build our Party into the SUCCESS IT WILL SURELY BE.

  4. ( Party Official ) Now the Marxist Hope Not Hate evil Patriot hating organisation are attacking Downing St. instead of Decent Nationalists, maybe David Cameron will recant his public support for these violent SELF HATERS !

  5. ( Party Official ) Being a lifetime Birmingham City supporter is not easy ! I had a season ticket until I moved to the South Coast and will always stay true to my team. Being A British Nationalist is even harder ! However , being of true character I will not throw in the towel and give in ! So don't give in but JOIN US TODAY and feel PROUD of YOURSELF !

  6. ( Party Official ) When the Country is finally moving to our way of thinking , now is the time to stand by our principles and policies !

  7. ( Party Official ) The above article shows our outlook on life and that we believe that all ENOCH POWELL FEARED for our People is about to happen. We blame the Politicians who are busy flooding OUR Country with People who do NOT like us and our way of life. NOW would be a GOOD TIME TO BECOME A MEMBER !

  8. ( Party Official ) Above , another great , older article and comments from the ‘ ON THE BALL ‘ , BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Also , to some people who , with a terrible attitude ; IF YOU HATE US SO , JUST GO !

  9. ( Party Official ) If you don’t want Britain to be Independent , don’t Join us. If you don’t want Britain to have a Decent , Classless Society , don’t Join us. If you don’t want an economic Boom of trade and Industry , don’t Join us. If you DO WANT these things and much else good things besides , then make a small gesture towards helping these things HAPPEN and JOIN US TODAY ! ! !

  10. Having just read about a Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and his struggle to gain Independence for BIAFRA , with his INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA PARTY , it occurred to me that OUR Nation and People Destroying MEDIA will too and sympathise with , any Particular People you may care to name. They WILL NOT However , REFER TO OR SYMPATHISE WITH , THE INDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE. WE ALONE , DO NOT EXIST AS A SEPERATE ENTITY AS FAR AS THEY ARE CONCERNED .They sure are getting there wish in places like Leicester and large parts of London. Please read the above article and then , WITH RESPECT TO ALL PEOPLES , START TO RESPECT YOUR OWN , BY JOINING US TODAY !

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