British Democrats to contest election in Loughborough

British Democrats to contest election in Loughborough, with Kevan Stafford NEC member standing in Shelthorpe – we wish him good luck.

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  1. Great to see the British Democratic Party flying the Flag in Leicestershire. Are they standing anywhere else ? GOOD LUCK from Simon ,

  2. Simon Fairbairn

    The very best of luck in Leicestershire and Bradford. Simon ,

  3. good luck Dr Braithwaite

  4. The Tories and Labour are competing to spend more on the NHS. There is incredible waste in the NHS, but the main reason the NHS Is overstretched is the huge numbers of immigrants who have arrived in this country. This is never mentioned by the Parties or the BBC and the rest of the media.

    And why does the NHS have to employ foreign staff. If the country is short of medics it is the fault of government for not providing trading places and proper pay.

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