British Democratic Party update with Andrew Brons

A short 12 minute video update with Andrew Brons MEP.


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  1. Well done Andrew.
    I have just had a tour of the Houses of Parliament and London. The city I was born in is no longer the place I remember.Together we must go forward and take the fight to the appeasers and those who have sold us out.

  2. Very good from Andrew.

    I agree next summer will be all to play for in terms of nationalist unity once the BNP has lost it’s MEP and their last two councillors.

    Nationalist unity is needed desperately in this country, away from the present fragmentation.
    Time for many to swallow pride and over large egos in search of nationalists coming together.
    Though there will be a few individuals who for various reasons can never be part of any nationalist unity.

    The Brit Dems have fantastic potential providing, as Andrew points out, it does not become a clone of the old party.

    • Hi

      I agree fully with your sentiments and comments. Our time for nationalist unity to take the fight to the political elite is coming quicker than people think.

    • Yes, in one or two areas of policy there must be substantial differences in policy between the BDP and the old party otherwise the electorate will dismiss us and think we are just the old party Mark 2 and consequently we will fail. We need to make a ‘clean break’ and this should be obvious to the electorate.

      As Andrew rightly says, UKIP is no real alternative to the globalists of Lib/Lab/Con and apart from their anti-EU policy offer nothing than the other parties do already.

  3. Further to my last comment, perhaps there needs to be a different emphasis placed on various policies? Of course, for a nationalist party like ours immigration will always be a primary issue but I think it might be helpful for our electoral prospects if we campaigned more on the economy. Not only would this enable us to distinguish ourselves from our political opponents (in particular UKIP) it would also serve to say to the electorate we are not a clone of the old party. Doing this might also lessen charges of ‘racism’ if we don’t appear to be obsessives over the immigration issue.

    • I think you are right. Most people are opposed to immigration and the multicultural society but because of the browbeating of the media etc are afraid to let on about it.

      We should concentrate on pushing distinct economic policies, whilst stressing not race but the cultural and community damage and damage to the quality of life done by mass immigration.

  4. The different sections of our military work together in time of war. The country and our people come first. Work together.

  5. In the past nationalist parties lost out over egos and one man’s wish to control everything. We must build our party from the bottom up, use the local groups to establish proper branches and not branches where everything is centralised. A first step in this is to get regional party websites, showing local issues, election dates. Deposit raising schemes.

    We need to prepare a poster asking for volunteers to stand in the Council Elections in 2015. No cost just legwork. Hardwork will see us grow.

  6. (Party Member) As Britain’s FAMILY VALUES PARTY I am sure that we can join in congratulations for the National Crime Agency in arresting 660 paedophiles who have been accessing child abuse on their computers. While some ‘liberal types’ will be dismayed at this action taken against, amongst others, doctors, teachers, scout Leaders, care workers and even retired police. Over 400 children have been identified and taken out of danger and many more serious crimes will doubtless be discovered.

    I await with interest how many will be known opponents of nationalism and once again congratulations on a job well done!

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