Britain will be Richer and More Successful Outside the EU

by Kevan Stafford

EU officials are bullies who are deliberately seeking to punish Britain for having the audacity to vote to leave the power-mad EU monolith. The EU’s Article 50 exit procedure was specifically designed  to make leaving difficult and costly, eg leaving requires the unanimous agreement of all the other 27 member countries and imposes conditions almost identical to that of remaining a full EU member. We can leave with no obligation to pay an exit price by simply withdrawing our own 1972 European Communities Act and ignoring Article 50.

Before we joined the Common market in 1972 our country traded successfully with both Europe and rest of the world, particularly with commonwealth countries, before we jointed the Common Market in 1972. But when we joined the inward looking European super-state Britain turned its back on our former Commonwealth trading partners, from which imported food was cheap and plentiful compared with European prices inflated by Common Agricultural Policy subsidies.

Britain sells more to the rest of the world than we import from them, except for the EU. The EU threatens to impose World Trade Organisation tariffs averaging 6% on our exports to the them if we refuse to accept continued mass movement of immigrants, continued payment of billions of pounds per year into EU coffers and continued subservience to the European Court of “justice”. But two can play at that. There is nothing to stop Britain imposing identical tariffs on imports of German cars, French wines and such like. Instead, we could promote a “Buy British” campaign and purchase cars made in Britain and wine from Sussex, or import tariff-free from the wider world.

Adolph Hitler first used the phrase “Unite States of Europe” and came up with the notion of imposing “regions” on Europe as a way of destroying national identities and rendering their citizens easier to rule and exploit. And it was Hitler’s fellow Nazi Hermann Goerring who first referred to a “European Economic Community”, a concept later adopted by Europhile politicians.

We were effectively sold out to the EU by politicians like Edward Heath and Tony Blair in anticipation of their gaining personal political influence and rewards from the EU, even though it meant that their country would be dominated by a greedy and tyrannical organisation. Nationalist critics of the EU get called “xenophobic” and “racist” by Europhiles. But wanting to protect our heritage, our identity, our community and our beliefs is not racist, and taking pride in being British does not make us better or worse than Germans, Belgians, French or Italians – just different.

Britain outside the EU will save billions in fees to the EU; we should not have to pay to trade with other countries where trade is mutually beneficial. Britain will save the present tariffs imposed by the EU on imports into Britain from outside the EU. We will be able to make advantageous trading deals with other non-EU Countries which are presently forbidden by the EU. Investment into Britain from non-EU countries will remain high because they like our relatively flexible labour market. Brexiteers never wanted to turn our backs on trade with European countries, we wanted to trade with both Europe and the rest of the world – it‘s EU officials who are behaving despicably. It is likely that before long the EU will start to collapse under the weight of its own sclerotic and inflexible bureaucracy which stifles freedom, innovation and prosperity.


4 thoughts on “Britain will be Richer and More Successful Outside the EU

  1. We can POTENTIALLY be richer and more sucessfull out of the EU (IF IT EVER HAPPENS THAT IS!) but only if we follow the right policies and sadly that won’t happen with the globalists of Labour, Lib Dem and CONServative. British governments have adhered to excessively globalist economic policies for a long time now and that can happen outside of the EU as well as within it.

    1. yes , ES , it is an attempted punishment to DETER OTHERS. Let’s face it , when Britain is booming outside the E.U. Superstate , the Republic of Ireland will soon WANT OUT AS WELL !

  2. John Shaw, knowing some people in the Emerald Isle, which used to be very pro EU, I would say you are spot on. The EU has made sure Ireland is on the way to becoming an indigenous minority in the not too distant future.

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