Britain sinking faster than we feared

by Dave Stevens.



Britain is being swamped by Immigrants and their descendants even faster than we thought. Only a few weeks after the Government’s Office for National Statistics warned that ten million additional people will be crammed into our overcrowded island in the next 25 years, it has released new figures saying actually it’s worse than that. There will in fact be 14 million extra inhabitants packed within our shores in the next quarter century.

All these extra people will be Immigrants or their descendants. The population of indigenous Britons is slowly falling due to our low birth rate, now well below replacement levels. Theirs is rising due to their high one.

If this goes on, things get rapidly worse. Thanks to immigration, Britain now has the fastest rate of population growth in Europe. Within 50 years, well within the lifetime of young people today, on present trends the population of Britain will pass 93 million. Indigenous Britons will by then make up under half of this number. We will have become an ethnic minority in our own country!

A century hence, an incredible 135 million people would be crammed into the British Isles. Almost 100 million of them in England alone. Which will have the highest density of population of any nation, city-states aside, on Earth (we are not far off that now!) Indigenous British and Irish people would make up less than a third of that prodigious swarm, outnumbered two to one by ethnic Immigrants in our own homelands.

Even Establishment politicians are beginning to get nervous about this. Independent-minded former Labour Cabinet Minister Frank Field pointed out that the new higher estimate could be just the start of such revisions as statistics become more accurate. He went on to say that it showed that fears among voters about immigration which he said had long been played down by politicians were now being borne out by figures.

However, he balked at outlining the full disastrous consequences if the last 60 years’ approach to Immigration goes on. He confined himself to bleating about the likely impact on the NHS, schools and the housing crisis. A bit like an officer of the sinking Titanic warning that the rising tide of icy water would undoubtedly have a negative impact on the quality of the food served in the First Class restaurant….

These new official figures betide a lot worse woe than that.

Firstly they mean we will be made into an ethnic minority in our own country even sooner than we feared. Before 2060. Well within the lifetime of adults now alive. We will have lost our homeland. Unlike the Immigrants, we have nowhere else to go.

Secondly, England, in particular, will become desperately overcrowded. Our once green and pleasant land will have to be covered in concrete just to house all these extra people. Twice as many as there are now. The British countryside will be even more extinct than the British people.

Thirdly, and most importantly, how will we feed them all? Already we import half the food we eat. In a world in which food prices on global markets are inexorably rising, reflecting ever more people not matched by anything like as much more food being produced. We cannot produce much more food here, and we could never afford to import enough to feed twice the population.

That is the reason that, while on present trends we will indeed become a minority in our own country, our country will never hold over 130 million people. Before then we will reach the limit of the food we can grow or buy to import, and beyond that any more people will simply starve.

If you want a picture of the Britain their policies would make a century from now, think of alien half-starved hordes crammed into ramshackle shanty towns like the favelas of Rio or Lagos sprawling across an exhausted dustbowl, whilst our descendants struggle to survive as a despised minority in a land no longer their, or our, own.

Generations of Establishment politicians importing Third World people will have created a Third World Britain, with Third World standards of living and Third World disease and famine.

Or we can wake up and stop it now. While we still can. While there are still more of us than them. While this is still our country. It’s up to you…


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14 thoughts on “Britain sinking faster than we feared

  1. (Party Member) I seem to remember Tesco and a couple of other large companies saying that, according to the analysis of their market research and other data, Britain’s population was already 70 million. As they know what they are doing and illegal immigrants do not fill in census forms, but do like food, I BELIEVE THEM and not our government. I have not despaired however, as I believe the Romania/ Bulgaria situation will prove to be a ‘blessing in disguise’ and in 2014 the British people will finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. People are in a state of cognitive dissonance and looking to relieve the psychological discomfort.

    On the one hand they are endlessly lectured that government is good and looks after you. On the other hand they have plenty of evidence it does not.

    The circle is squared for a lot of people by persuading themselves that it’s all a mistake and government will soon put things right. Of course they will! Maybe with a new leader? Mr Miliband talks nice……

  3. Off topic, but I have just been reading in the Guardian that Nigel Farage has cut a deal with the Tories whereby he will stand down his candidates in seats where the Tories are likely to lose to Ukip in return for a seat in the House of Lords. This is according to Godfrey Bloom who was thrown out of the party recently. He also says that Farage is getting rid of or sidelining other candidates who are likely to do well in the next GE.

    Interesting, eh?

  4. (Party Member) The BBC political editor has joined the ranks of population replacement deniers. Nick Robinson, who worked day and night for the multi-cultural utopia, has said in today’s Daily Mail that it was all a “terrible mistake” and the BBC should have aired the British people’s fears regarding immigration! He admitted the Corporation stifled all debate for years. The list of powerful and influential DENIERS is now growing daily. They know what we in our Party know, the British People have decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


    Non-UK Born Population of England and Wales Quadrupled Between 1951 and 2011

    Part of 2011 Census Analysis, Immigration Patterns of Non-UK Born Populations in England and Wales in 2011 Release

    Released: 17 December 2013

    Migration is an important driver of population change, currently accounting for around half of the population growth in England and Wales; natural change (births and deaths) accounts for the remaining population change. In the latest release, historic census data has been used to show the growth in the non-UK born population between 1951 and 2011.

    Non-UK born population has quadrupled between 1951 and 2011

    In 1951 there were 1.9 million non-UK born residents in England and Wales (4.5% of the usually resident population) and by 2011 this had increased to 7.5 million (13% of the resident population). In comparison the total population of England and Wales increased by 28%, from 43.7 million to 56.1 million. Underlying reasons for migrations to the UK are complex, but often include ‘push’ factors such as civil conflict, political instability and poverty, and ‘pull’ factors such as employment and education opportunities.

    Non-UK born population has become more diverse since 1951

    In 1951 the top ten non-UK countries of birth represented 60% (1.1 million) of the total foreign born population, compared to 45% (3.4 million) in 2011. This shows that the population has become more diverse, with the non-UK born population in 2011 less dominated by the top ten non-UK countries of birth. There are several major groups identified in this data that have continually been present in the top ten non-UK countries of birth, such as those born in Ireland, India and Poland.

    Numbers of Irish-born residents in England and Wales has decreased

    The Republic of Ireland was the largest non-UK born group in each census until the most recent (2011), where they were the fourth largest. In the 1951 Census there were 492,000 Irish-born residents, accounting for more than a quarter (26%) of all foreign-born residents in that year. Migration of Irish-born to the UK stretches back to the famine of the 1840s in Ireland and was associated with rapid industrialisation in Great Britain throughout the nineteenth century. This group has declined in absolute numbers over the decades, whereas many of the other top ten non-UK countries of birth have increased. This is likely to be due to those who arrived a long time ago dying and not being replaced by younger migrants in the same numbers.

    Those born in India were the largest group in 2011 at 694,000

    In 2011 those born in India were the largest group at 694,000. This group has consistently accounted for a large proportion of the non-UK born population of England and Wales. The largest inter-censal percentage increase for this group was between 1961 and 1971, where this population almost doubled from 157,000 to 313,000. In 1971 those born in India accounted for 10% of the whole non-UK born population.

    10 fold increase in Polish migrants over ten years from 2001-2011

    Polish migrants have had a very different arrival pattern to other non-UK born groups. In 1951 Polish-born was the second highest ranking group making up 8% (152,000) of the total non-UK born population. This was a result of Polish migrants arriving during and after the Second World War. The number of Polish-born residents declined, largely due to mortality, until the 2011 Census, when 579,000 were recorded in the resident population. This was almost a ten-fold increase from 58,000 in 2001; it was a result of Poland being admitted to the European Union in May 2004 along with a number of other central-Eastern European countries.

    Where can I find out more about migration and Census statistics?

    If you’d like to find out more, there is an infographic showing the top ten non-UK countries of birth in each census year since 1951.
    These statistics were analysed by the Census Analysis Unit, Population Statistics Division at ONS. This analysis is based largely on data from the 2011 Census, carried out by ONS. If you would like to find out more about the latest Census statistics, you can read the release or visit the Census or Census analysis pages. If you have any comments or suggestions, we would like to hear them!

  6. Very sobering statistics. But is anyone in England listening? Or will they just shout “racist!” And move on? You Brits are a strange people. I have never seen a nation so stubbornly hell bent on its own destruction.

  7. The Rich have the money and the power and control the media which is fine when your Rich and Powerful !!!!!

  8. The British People don’t care about Great Britain to be fair the’re bothered about there own lives and property so the migrants will arrive and the rich will welcome them in because its cheap labour and keeps the working class scared of there livelihoods so its time too stand up for GREAT BRITAIN or just lose it “its Simples”

  9. (Party Member) Item in the news; The Home secretary has finally admitted that the PASSPORT/ BORDER CONTROLE SYSTEM has virtually GROUND TO A HALT. As the media will tell you it is all the fault of more people wanting to go on holiday ! YEAH RIGHT ! It could not possibly be another reason, that RECORD NUMBERS of people are applying for passports from abroad and trying to get into the Country, could it ?

  10. (Party Member) Recent Home Office figures reveal that only one in seventy ‘ suspected ‘ illegal Immigrants are arrested ! We know that most of those avoid Repatriation by claiming POLITICAL ASSYLUM or FALSE MARRIAGES or just DISSAPEAR into one of the massive Immigrant communities within our midst. I hope we adopt the Policy of a staffing level of 100,000 for a new HOME ARMY UK. BORDER AGENCY. It’s what our People want now, positive action on the biggest problem of our time.

  11. (Party Member) On Thursday, 26th of June the B.B.C. issued a Chinese Government type of public announcement disguised as a news item. The newscaster, in a surprised voice announced that the population of Britain had risen 400,000 last year to 61.4 million ! He then explained in a condescending tone that the figure was arrived at after considering births and deaths and that the majority of the increase was from within London. I am surprised the announcement did not conclude with the words ” immigration has nothing at all to do with population figures.” Chairman Mao would have been proud as actually immigration was not mentioned at all ! For the record many major companies, whose marketing and customer research departments know what they are doing, work on a population figure for Britain of Seventy million. They know this because illegal immigrants might not fill in various forms but do buy food ! The media in this Country are treating us all like fools and if you are tired of being hoodwinked, Join us today.

  12. (Party Member) The Immigration Figures are up again. The amount of immigrants allowed into our Country has risen to 243,000 to the end of March. The majority of the increase was said to have come from ROMANIA and BULGARIA. SURELY NOT !

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