Britain Refuses To take Any More Calais Child Migrants

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child-refugees-migrants-france-theresa-may-uk-726903The Prime Minister Theresa May has told Francois Hollande that “We’ve done our bit” and Britain will not be taking any more child migrants from Calais following his request for Britain to accept a further 1,500 children from the Jungle camp in Calais.

The French President voiced his displeasure with the UK’s efforts to help tackle the squalid settlement in a telephone call to Downing Street.

British officials have insisted the UK is not prepared to welcome any more unaccompanied youngsters above already existing commitments.

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, urged Mrs May to resist pressure from France. “Britain is already looking after over 4,500 unaccompanied children. We’ve paid millions of pounds for walls and fences at Calais.

“We’ve more than done our bit,” he said.  “Theresa May is right to stand her ground.  “What we need now is more investment in the roads and border controls at Dover to make sure that we are properly prepared for Brexit.”

David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth, said: “Theresa May is absolutely right to say ‘non’ to President Hollande. It is great to have a prime minister who is prepared to stand up for British interests.

“These migrants are not our responsibility. The French government should offer them asylum if they are entitled to it or deport them if they are not”. 

8 thoughts on “Britain Refuses To take Any More Calais Child Migrants

  1. I wish I was as nate as you seem to be regarding the headline.
    What I would have written is ‘ May is refusing any more of these immigrants until she changes her mind’, or has it changed for her.
    Sit back and wait.

  2. Is David Davies, MP for Monmouth extracting the urine? What part of standing up for British interests involves allowing mass immigration from Europe, Africa and Asia, joining US in foreign wars to benefit Israel, protecting extremest, sorry, radical, preachers from deportation/imprisonment,ignoring no-go areas in many northern towns, turning a blind eye to the grooming of under age White girls, predominately by members of the ‘peaceful religion’, denying freedom of speech to White nationalists… I could go on and on and on but space limits. Perhaps she will stand up for British interests by having a referendum on immigration.

    1. The problem White Warrior is, once the liberal elites, (commies in fact ) get into power, they cannot allow their enemies the freedom to attack their core beliefs.
      David Davis despite his public performance of late, is one of the afore mentioned. The only way any one can assert themselves is the age old way. A Civil uprising and taking back out heritage. They will not give it back.
      Brexit will prove what I say.
      If you are indeed a White Warrior rather than a moaner, perhaps your on the right path.
      Never forget the tory party is as left of centre as Corbyn and the old liberal party. In fact Corbyn is an honest commie a member of the IMG. The international Marxist group. I wonder how many others are as well in all three loathsome parties.
      To succeed we must identify who the enemy is. Something Nationalist have failed miserably to do in the past.

  3. Child Migrants ? They all look well beyond adolescence to me. Full grown homo sapiens. This is more Shave The Children than Save The Children !!! Send them home.

  4. Surely the mega rich nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia have to do their bit for these migrant ”children” …Why is it always left to Europe ? And why do these ”children”… and all the other migrants for that matter- only want to come to Europe ?
    I think we all know the answer to that. Our good nature has been taken for granted and is now being taken advantage of.


  5. Unfortunately the useless Hollande’s successor will not be Marine Le Pen but the ”centre Right” Francois Fillon. Fillon has dismissed his opponent Alain Juppes invocation of multiculturalism and diversity, instead insisting that immigrants must adopt the values of the French state. He is a big admirer of Magaret Thatcher, and he will emulate her in gaining power by misling the gullible masses about immigration.

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