Britain next for our home-grown Jihadists currently fighting in Syria?

Short video clip from Syria

10 thoughts on “Britain next for our home-grown Jihadists currently fighting in Syria?

  1. (Party Member) I can imagine the Security Services and the Civil Service, telling our Prime Minister and Cabinet, what will happen and yet we know they will not listen and will let them back in to our Country! The Daily Mail has been scathing on this subject saying, I am told, “If they are English or British, by dint of some idiot handing them a piece of paper saying so, then that makes them traitors who should be treated accordingly”. Only if they fought British troops actually, but that is not the point. It is the point about a piece of paper not making anyone British. At last, after Forty years, they get it. People are LISTENING NOW and after years of being right we are coming out of the wilderness! Help us save Britain BY JOINING US TODAY.

  2. I think that the powers that be are totally unaware that battle hardened jihadists, very loosely described as British, are living amongst us.

    As every one should know paramilitary training of civilians here in our islands is illegal but by going overseas they circumvent those laws. Thus gaining knowledge and advantage over an ill- prepared population.

  3. (Party Member) Not many months ago our Prime Minister was stopped, by a mere handful of votes in Parliament, from going to war in Syria with a coalition of barbaric people who included IS. David Cameron wanted to do all he could to help the killers of journalist James Foley who was beheaded.

    The Syrian President provides stability and religious toleration in a troubled part of the world and he was trying to get us into a war that did not effect our national interest and to add insult to injury on the wrong side! In stark contrast we British Democrats have been proved right yet again and having read our common sense policy document I urge all patriots to join us today.

  4. (Party Member) The British Ambassador to the United States has said that we are close to identifying the man with a British accent who is believed to have beheaded a journalist, sickeningly on film. In the meantime our Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond, has had the absolute gall to say that the act was “A betrayal of everything the British People stand for “. How true but doesn’t he yet understand that he personally is assisting in filling our country with people WHO ARE TOTALLY AGAINST EVERYTHING THE BRITISH PEOPLE STAND FOR? Don’t blame the immigrants for wanting to come here but blame the POLITICIANS WHO LET THEM, AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE BRITISH PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT ASKED.

  5. NO truly British man would EVER contemplate committing such an utterly evil, callous and barbaric act as beheading another human being. It just goes to show how utterly different these people are from native Britons and I am utterly sickened to be compared to these people with the description of British. They AREN’T British and will NEVER be so.

    I also don’t blame the immigrants for coming here but I DO blame those moronic imbeciles like Phillip Hammond who invite them in and those who, unfortunately, vote for these traitors.

  6. (Party Member) 25/8/2014 Former Defence Minister Gerald Howarth has said: “We are paying a high price for multiculturalism that allows people to believe they can have sharia law in Britain. We are a Christian Country”. He also said regarding extremists receiving benefits: “Why should people who claim no allegiance to this country and actively act against our values be supported by taxpayer’s money?”.

    Let’s send him an information pack with our congratulations for the best non-member quote of the week!

  7. ( Party Official ) Given CURRENT EVENTS and THOSE YET TO HAPPEN , I thought people would enjoy reading the above article and comments from the British Democrats , BRITAIN’S THINKING PARTY. For £25 you can do the right thing and JOIN US TODAY.

  8. ( Party Official ) We KNOW that the awful incident where a person shouting ” THIS IS FOR SYRIA ” Started STABBING people in a South London Railway Station , IS ONLY THE BEGGINING OF awful times in MULTI – CULTURAL BRITAIN. If you hate us so , then go ! Repatriation , you know it makes sense !

  9. ( Party Official ) Now that President ASSAD ‘s forces , with Russian air support , have re-taken the ancient TOWN OF Palmyra FROM isis , WHOSE side is David Cameron on ? The sheer wickedness of these BARBARIANS is shocking , especially compared to the CIVILISED society that is President ASSAD’S Syria. So why is our Prime Minister so hell bent on overthrowing the President and getting Britain into another WAR ?

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