Britain Needs Real Leadership From Politicians Who Actually Love Our Country And Its People

by John Shaw


Enoch Powell, a man who did love our country and its people. He sought to protect us.

Regarding the horrible mess that is our ‘brexit’ situation, Britain needs leaders with a positive attitude that is motivated by real love of our country and its people. Our ghastly self serving Parliament is making a total mess of ‘Brexit’ and letting our people down.

We British Democrats demand that our Parliament heed the words of a great man and act accordingly.

“Too often today people are ready to tell us, this is not possible, that is not possible!  I say whatever the true interest of our country calls for is always possible. We have nothing to fear but our own doubts.”
(Enoch Powell, Conservative Party Conference 1968)

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  1. this Country is run by traitors lightweights & cowards Corbyn May and Cable spring to mind

  2. On Saturday , 14th April , the BOLSHEVIC BROADCASTING CORPORATION ( B.B.C. ) will broadcast Enoch Powell’s PROPHETIC RIVERS OF BLOOD SPEECH , but keep splitting it up into pieces so they can constantly criticise it throughout. It is the 50th anniversary of the Great Man’s Speech that WARNED Britain was going down a road of SELF DESTRUCTION. As a scholar of the classics , Enoch was guilty of using FLOWERY LANGUAGE , BUT HAS BEEN PROVED CORRECT , despite all the money that the Governments have THROWN AT THE PROBLEM OF OUR TIME. Laws against COMPLAINT from the INDIGENOUS POPULATION have failed to mask the truth. Have you been to LONDON recently ? I rest our case ! !

    • It shames me to admit that London is our Capital, I took my daughter on a bus trip 10 years ago she was 7 and as we drove down one of the immigrant infested shopping streets she commented ” Dad, no White people live here “It is a scandal that this has been allowed, indigenous Londoners have suffered ethnic cleansing.

      • I avoid the hell hole nowadays if I can help it

        • So do I. The only time I visit it is to sometimes do a bit of Christmas shopping up the West End but otherwise no way do I go there and I make sure to only visit the central boroughs ie Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I once went to Tower Hamlets in the late 1990’s to see how bad the ethnic infestation was then and it was horrific so god only knows what it must be like now.

  3. Today , 14th of April 2018 is the 50TH ANIVERSARY OF ENOCH POWELL’S PROPHETIC SPEECH. He said he feared certain things , not that he wanted them to happen. This enraged the Lefty and Liberal type hordes who saw MASS IMMIGRATION as a means to destroy all the GREAT AND DECENT THINGS ABOUT OUR CIVILISED COUNTRY , THAT WE LOVE. Now that he and indeed our Patriotic Party have been proved right about so much , do the decent thing for yourself and your family and JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , TODAY.

  4. Fifty years on and look at the Britain of today. A white minority capital and other cities going the same way -the horrors of third world immigration that Enoch Powell predicted, we now witness them every single day.

    We have a plague of violent crime blamed on everything but the actual cause. We have a nationwide grooming gang rape menace, facilitated by the authorities who were terrified of the truth. Overpopulation and Public services at breaking point, demands on housing, healthcare, school places that can never be met.

    Then there are the government funded hate groups that call themselves “anti racists” colluding with an equally deceptive media. Today, young patriots of Generation Identity claimed that the “hope not hate” Marxist group incited violence against their activists, encouraging the cowardly self loathing “anti fascists” to gang up and attack them. These are the desperate measures of those who can no longer suppress the truth, and are having to face up it. The Guardian and Independent also gave the crooks and liars of “hope not hate” a wider platform to incite the violence.

    All These Leftists and their media allies have a long track record of siding with Islamic extremists, grooming gangs, and violent ethnic criminals, always to the detriment and safety of native Europeans. That is how much they hate This nation. Now the public are waking up to it, thank God.

  5. What would the great Enoch have said about islamic extremists/grooming gangs and their supporters Antifa and Hope Not Hate? I would imagine he’d put them down with a one liner that they would never recover from, such was his poetic turn of phrase, and the chilling accuracy of his insight. But it’s still hard to comprehend how the Left can despise their own people so much, while supporting these criminals that prey on them. Disgusting, there’s no other word for it.

  6. Well said , Sean , Graham and SW. The sheer stupid denial , all over M.S.N. AND ELSEWHERE , BEGGARS BELIEF !

  7. Sadly Powell did little to capitalise on the groundswell of support that his speech ignited, a stronger man would have looked Heath (an alleged kiddy fiddler and Homosexual) in the eye and threatened to spill the beans to the Worlds media if he dared sack him.

  8. Graham, what you are suggesting is that Powell could have blackmailed Heath? To keep his job ? He would never have resorted to something like that.. Heath’s alleged goings on were something which Enoch would have been oblivious to at the time anyway, these allegations are now being aired, granted far too late, but EP was a thoroughly honest man who sacrificed his career for the sake of the truth, he was not a man of blackmail or bribes, although I’m sure many of his colleagues, given the opportunity, most certainly were !

    • SW, Heath’s sordid lifestyle was common knowledge amongst Nationalist as far back as the 1970’s it certainly was amongst National Front members at the time. I do not think it amounts to blackmail as the People had a right to know and Enoch would have been doing the decent, correct thing to out Heath the sordid little pervert.

    • John Enoch Powell was a fundamentally decent man (unlike the legions of people who called him every name under the sun including, to their eternal shame, globalist left-liberal CONServative Party MPs today) and would never have taken such a course of action. Perhaps, as he himself once said, his political career was a failure was because of his innate decency?

      • Put simply, John Enoch Powell was far too nice a person to be a truely top politician. Scum rises to the top in politics and Enoch was emphatically not scum which is why instead of having people like him as PM we have the dregs of society like Teresa May, Amber Rudderless ie people who would sell their own grandmother in order to be PM.

  9. Money grabbing career Tory politician, George Osborne, recently landed a top job as editor for the diversity maniacs of the anti Brexit London Standard. He thinks Enoch’s Rivers of Blood speech was “disgusting”

    Until recently, George, was flying around the world making fatuous speeches to snyone daft enough to listen while having ridiculous sums of money thrown at him. At this time it came to light that he was ignoring the concerns of all his constituents.

    Osborne, no surprises, is a dedicated fan of Ted Heath, who he refers to as a “progressive conservative Prime Minister, who had courageously rejected Mr Powell and his fellow nativist populists.”

    The Standards editor, is taking offence(virtue signalling)on behalf of the children of the Windrush Carribean migrants. Today’s editorial falsely claims that they came here “at our invitation” and adds more absurdity by stating that they “helped rebuild the country and its industry after the Second World War”

    The grovelling continues unabated, but really you’d need a sick bucket handy, so I’ll spare you the experience. It is nauseating and dishonest in equal measure. Osborne, along with his boss Evgeny Lebedev, are both still up to their necks in sour grapes over Brexit, refering to the historic vote with now routine hostility, then going on to parrot the threadbare blarney that we are “a nation built by immigrants” while ignoring the third world pathologies destroying the capital.

    George would not be fit to shine Enoch’s shoes.

    • Osborne one of the worst chancellors ever along with Brown and John Major because of Osborne Cameron Our Children will be in debt until middle age the bankers should of been jailed for their crimes

      • Indeed. Osbourne was a horrifically bad Chancellor of the Exchequer and amongst Tory ones on a par with Anthony Barber who let inflation get out of control in the early 1970’s which the later Labour government of that decade had to react to with painful measures. I normally disagree strongly with whatever Kenneth Clarke says but as a Chancellor he was more in command of his brief than Gideon ever was and done a fairly good job with the circumstances he found himself in.

      • To my mind,bad pro-EU loser George Osborne is only broadly correct about one fairly small social issue and NOT the much more important one of mass immigration and its economic and social ramifications. He is a globalist liberal and one wonders why he joined the supposed CONSERVATIVE Party but then the Tories haven’t been genuinely conservative for decades now.

    • I would contemptuously ignore virtually everything that moron called George Gideon Oliver Osbourne says. The ‘man’ is a congenital idiot of the first rank and despite his very expensive education at one of Britain’s top private schools (St. Pauls’s London) he can probably barely add-up let alone have any real command of a complex subject like economics as his disastrous stewardship of the British economy demonstrated all too well. He is an odious anti-British traitor and I will never forget his snide and COWARDLY insinuations at Tory conferences about people who go out to work whilst their neighbours are supposedly still in their bedrooms with the curtains drawn ie accusing such people of being workshy layabouts who have no intention of finding work. IF he was a REAL MAN, he would have come out straight with it and called these people what he obviously thought they were ie people who were unemployed through CHOOSING it and suffering from being lazy yet he prefered to not state it directly but just leave the Tory conference and the public to imagine that meaning instead. PATHETIC and SUPREMELY IGNORANT is all I can say.

      Enoch was a very intelligent, patriotic, cultured and FUNDAMENTALLY DECENT MAN and thus LEAGUES above the utterly wretched Gideon Osbourne.

      P.S I have no likeness for Kenneth Clarke but as a Chancellor he was far more competent than Gidiot.

    • The irony of all this grovelling is that it will do the Tories NO GOOD AT ALL. Blacks in particular but also most asians (apart from Chinese and a few rich Indians ext who own shops/businesses) will NOT vote Tory under pretty much any circumstances. As a good example of this reality, it is predicted by some people that the Conservatives will fall to their lowest EVER number of councillors in what was our capital city and LOSE councils they have run for decades such as Westminster and Wandsworth in May because of the displacement of whites from London who are far more likely to at least consider voting Tory than ethnics. With all things being equal, it is not surprising that the most white parts of London (the outer boroughs) have more elected Tories and this is also true for places outside apart from very poor places like Liverpool.

      • The Tories need to remember that despite their ever more incessant grovelling to ethnics, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru etc can do it so much more and more effectively and it will be the Tories who LOSE OUT and they will end-up like the Republican Party in the USA who have brought-in vast numbers of Third World immigrants who then proceed to vote in large numbers for the Democrats thus making it more and more difficult for the Republicans to win elections! The British Conservative Party is not known as ‘Britain’s stupid party’ for nothing!

    • Indeed. That they so viciously attack him when he is unable to answer them back (and also his wife is unable to defend her former husband as Pamela Powell is also now sadly dead) just goes to show how scummy your average Tory MP is but then as they don’t mind driving unemployed and disabled people to commit suicide (indeed George and his sick Works and Pensions Secretary, Iain Dunce-Smith, revelled in that) and come from the ‘nasty party’ (as Teresa May herself once rightfully called them at their party conference in 2002) that should be expected.

      One thing I DO take pleasure in their disgraceful betrayal of the British people over this vital issue is that the CONServative Party is now, thanks to mass immigration, a slowly dying party. Despite their grovelling and mean-spirited attacks upon a former leading light of their own party, constituencies like Ilford South (Tory as recently as the 1980’s) will not be blue seats again anyday soon.

      Ha, ha, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of TRAITORS.

  10. Just seen a ‘ lady ‘ on Sky News say that these people who came to our shores on the ‘ Empire Windrush ‘ were ” Pillars of our Society ” and ” The People who made Britain what it is Today “. She got the Second bit right !

    • She sure did. Thanks to MASS immigration, Britain is now virtually totally unrecognisable as our country – something which the intelligent and admirable people of Japan would NEVER allow their politicians to do to them although that being said their politicians have enough patriotism to not go down that course of action anyway!

  11. Everyday ,Whites are attacked in South Africa, but the establishment could not care less. More interested in pandering to offended West Indians. Because of Jamaican immigration, in 2015 the UK government offered £25,000,000 of taxpayers money to fund the building of a jail in Jamaica so they could take back their “pillars of society.” An offer which they rejected, so we are stuck with them.

  12. Quite right Sean. As a Brummie , I can tell you that Asians Detest and Fear West Indians in equal measure. They go pale with fear when two or three of them go in their shops. The third Handsworth RIOTS were caused by this and the local LABOUR m.p.’s BLAMED US NATIONALISTS FOR THE TERRIBLE EVENTS THAT UNFOLDED. It backfired on them though as everyone knew the truth !

  13. ITS FIFTY YEARS TODAY FOLKS ! We were warned and sure enough all the awful things that Enoch FEARED are now happening and our People are being overwhelmed.

    • What makes me laugh is that globalist liberals like George Osbourne etc say that Enoch was wrong because the ‘rivers of blood’ haven’t arisen yet but the point is Mr Powell DIDN’T say WHEN this prediction of his would happen but that, in his view, it was an inevitability at some point in the future.

      Even if large scale violence doesn’t happen, it sill means we are second-class citizens in what is supposed to be our country and we are progressively losing any semblance of a national identity and character.

  14. John Shaw, Absolutely right, the Asians are indeed frightened of Black people. It is the same in London, where recently an Indian man was murdered by black youths in Mill Hill for refusing to sell them cigarette papers.

    There is an excellent article, by Mark Steyn, Rivers Of Blood And The Tides Of History, which sums everything up brilliantly.

  15. The whole establishment from the Politicians , to the media are in total DENIAL of an expression that expresses the truth. Estate agents are terrified to admit to it and London does not experience it at all. So what on earth am I referring to ? WHITE FLIGHT !

  16. As a result of this AMBER RUDD situation, it has emerged that the Home Office had a little known target of “achieving 12,800 enforced returns in 2017-2018. I am Totally SHOCKED as this Country is filled with People who say they totally HATE OUR NATION, its PEOPLE and its WAY OF LIFE. That is US and OUR COUNTRY they are talking about. ENFORCED RETURNS? When we have the opportunity there will be enforced returns. CERTAINLY 12,800 PER DAY, not year, as People who are a MENACE TO OUR SOCIETY AND LIVE OFF US AT THE SAME TIME, are Returned, giving us a BETTER, SAFER BRITAIN. If you share this desire, then Join Today.

  17. BREAKING NEWS ! AMBER RUDD RESIGNS AS HOME SECRETARY. The above article is about how ENOCH POWELL tried , amongst other things , to REVIVE OUR NATIONAL SPIRIT. This is what the British Democratic Party is all about. Amber Rudd is an example of this decline in the spirit of our People. She is an awful EUROPHILE , who as Home Secretary , was a total wet ! Comrade Corbyn , with such predictability , played the RACE CARD against Rudd and she , in the pathetic , wimp like attitude of these People , was like a rabbit frozen in the car headlights . Scared , yet unable to move. Anyone with any decency would have said , YES , WE HAVE TARGETS TO REMOVE SOME VERY BAD PEOPLE FROM BRITAIN , IF THEY HAPPEN TO BE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. WE ARE DOING THIS FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD. IT IS MY JOB TO DO THIS AS HOME SECRETARY. THE FIRST DUTY OF GOVERNMENT IS TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND I AM PROUD TO DO MY DUTY FOR ALL OUR PEOPLE. Instead she acted in a manner that summed up ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH BRITAIN TODAY.

  18. More BREAKING NEWS. Well they have finally done it ! A MUSLIM HOME SECRETARY from the SOON TO BE MAJORITY COMMUNITY. Sajid Javid is Home SECRETARY , so let’s all move to the ISLE OF WIGHT , as the Tradditional BRITISH POPULATION would fit on it now , MAKE THE LAST STAND AND BE DONE WITH IT !

  19. Trying to look on the Brightside , as a Nationalist , is NOT EASY in this Country. However , WE always HOPE that Now is as bad as it gets ! However , it does occur to me that it will be VERY DIFFICULT for the Marxist Led Labour Party and the Demented liberal types , TO PLAY THE RACE CARD . Let’s HOPE the NEW HOME SECRETARY INCREASES THE ‘ RETURNS ‘ TO THE LEVEL THAT OUR PARTY AND THUS THE PUBLIC GOOD REQUIRE !

  20. LONDON IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE SHINING BEACON OF THE MULTI-CULTURAL UTOPIA. Well , with one DEAD and three HALF DEAD , in the last 24 hours and hundreds of ‘ minor incidents NOT reported , the reality is clear. OUR former Capital is a HORRIBLE HELL HOLE and must be sorted out using the GUIDELINES IN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY MANIFESTO. These actions can be summed up as A RETURN TO BRITISH VALUES. Read it and then JOIN TODAY !

  21. APOLOGY ! In the Previous comment I said read the British Democratic Party MANIFESTO. I meant to say POLICY DOCUMENT as we still do not have a MANIFESTO !

  22. ENOCH WAS RIGHT. Despite the Institutionalised Multi-Cultural brainwashing of the establishment and their conniving media , events prove this fact every day.


  24. TODAY , 28/2/2019 I HAVE JUST READ THAT OUR LAUGHING STOCK MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT ARE GOING TO GET A TWO THOUSAND QUID RISE ! Given their appalling lack of ability , I should think they should get a massive reduction , prior to dismissal as we get some people in who know what they are doing. The alternative theory is THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND ARE COLLECTIVLY LEADING US DOWN THE GARDEN PATH !

  25. UPDATE , only a couple of days after the disgusting pay rise for our TOTALLY INEPT AT THEIR JOBS , M.P.s , news that many of them are very unhappy that the announced rise was NOT ENOUGH !

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