Britain Is At The Crossroads And We Only Have One Chance Left To Turn The Right Way

by John Shaw

We won our referendum, just, and if we do not get it right in the next five years, we will never, ever win a vote again, about anything.

Most indigenous British voted to leave the European Union and against that a small percentage of liberal/lefty types joined the masses of immigrants and their descendants, in voting to stay.

With the current levels of mass immigration, this country is on the brink of being changed beyond recognition, for ever.

The alternative to this is for people to reject the failed, old fashioned, class based parties and join an independent political party that truly represents all our people.



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  1. All on their way to Europe for a life on easy street at the taxpayers expense. Favourite destination soft touch Britain.

  2. John(party member)

    As if this is not bad enough, hundreds of Jamaican prisoners will stay in British jails after a £25 million deal to send them home was rejected.

    A maximum security prison was to have been built for them on the island… -FUNDED BY THE UK OVERSEAS AID BUDGET.

    The plan was to save the UK £10 MILLION a year. Each prisoner costs us £30,000 annually. The Jamaican government turned down the deal stating ”it was not beneficial”…you really could not make this stuff up !

    ”It’s like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up their own funeral pyre” Enoch Powell.

  3. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Hailing from Birmingham , I can tell you that even half a dozen angry West Indians used to terrify everyone. A raged , six ft. four Jamaican with fists like shovels and hatred in his heart would regularly beat hell out of half a dozen riot cops in the 1970,s and 1980,s . When even one walked into an Asian shop , they would go white with fear !

  4. All the fuss over Brexit only serves to hide the demographic reality that Whites will be a minority in Britain in 2060 with or without Brexit.

  5. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Britain had it’s latest BUDGET announcement yesterday and EVERY figure , EVERY policy and EVERY target is totally FUTILE unless we STOP THE UNKNOWN NUMBER OF HORDES OF PEOPLE COMMING INTO OUR COUNTRY TO LIVE ! The IMMIGRATION PROBLEM renders all the ECONOMIC STRATEGY and POLICIES FUTILE. Also , the Conservatives have a MAJOR PROBLEM with their backbenchers , who are DISMAYED THEIR PARTY HAS BROKEN IT’S MANIFESTO PROMISE NOT TO RAISE NATIONAL INSURANCE RATES. It reminds me of the infamous Liberal Party Manifesto Pledge , NEVER TO SUPPORT AND VOTE FOR UNIVERSITY FEES. They infamously went back on this pledge and promptly went from fifty M.P.’S to Nine and lost thousands of Council Seats.

  6. WHEN we Finally Leave the E.u. Superstate , the so called ‘ E.U. Citizens ‘ living in Britain MUST NOT GAIN SPECIAL RIGHTS. They should revert to being what they always were , GUEST WORKERS. Also those amongst these People , who fall into UNEMPLOYMENT , should then be required , with their Families , TO LEAVE BRITAIN IN 28 DAYS.

  7. When we finally leave the E.U. Superstate , then if BRITISH CITIZENS , living in Superstate Countries like Spain , are suddenly declared not welcome in retaliation by the E.U. Commission , then we should PAY THESE INDIGINOUS BRITISH their costs to the Motherland , as we need them to Help Save Our Society.

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