Brexit – Will The Decision Of The People Be Respected By Parliament and The Courts?

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theresa-may_bad17e88-a44e-11e6-93ed-ab826829dd0bTheresa May has vowed she will not allow her hands to be tied in negotiating a post-Brexit future for Britain, as she travelled to India on a mission to lay the groundwork for an “ambitious” trade deal.

Following the setback of last week’s High Court ruling that she must seek Parliament’s approval to trigger talks to withdraw from the EU, Mrs May issued a warning to Remain-backing MPs and peers that they must “accept what the people decided” rather than try to block Brexit.

And she indicated she remains determined to resist demands from Labour and other parties to spell out her negotiating strategy for withdrawal talks under Article 50 of the EU treaties, insisting that “putting all our cards on the table” was “not in our national interest”.

huntHealth Secretary Jeremy Hunt said it was ‘highly unlikely’ the Commons would seek to block Brexit by voting against the triggering of Article 50.

But he warned that MPs and peers could undermine Mrs May’s negotiating position by trying to get her to spell out her priorities.

‘And there’s a confusion here – parliament passes laws, it always has, but governments negotiate treaties. And the reason parliament can’t negotiate treaties is because you can’t decide an international treaty by a simply vote of MPs.

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Nigel Farage warned of violence on the streets if Brexit is denied as he engaged in angry clashes with Gina Miller on live TV today.

The businesswoman and former model insisted the UKIP leader should be her ‘biggest fan’ because her High Court case had restored power to parliament.

But Mr Farage hit back by warning of riots if the outcome of the historic EU referendum result was not implemented, asking her: ‘What part of the word “leave” don’t you understand?’

katie-hopkins-high-court-judges-think-they-know-better-than-british-voters-over-brexit-7Katie Hopkins said during an LBC phone in, “Parliament already had their say, six to one, Parliament voted to let the people decide”.

Hopkins later blasted investment manager Gina Miller, who led the group bringing the court case, after a caller defended the ruling and reminded the host about “separation of power”.

She fired back: “Gina Miller, the Guayanan-born lady wife, wife slash wife, of hedge fund billionaire that fronted this, you’re telling me she really cared about the process of the law?

“You’re telling me all of those millions that funded this lady to front up this, you’re telling me she really cared deeply about the process of the law?… I don’t think she did.”

hilary-benn-643071Hilary Benn, the Labour MP who strongly backed Remain has warned Brexiteers that he now holds the power to dictate the conditions on which Britain will leave the EU.

Mr Benn, who leads the Parliament’s Brexit Committee, told Sky News that the single market will be a priority amid fears that desperate Remain MPs will water down the terms of Brexit.

Following this week’s controversial High Court Brexit ruling, Parliament now holds the power to activate Article 50 – the formal start of Brexit negotiations. 

He told Dermot Murnaghan that he is responsible for telling the Government how to find “the best possible deal”.

Critics of Mr Benn claim the MP is turning his back on the will of the British people and forcing Britain to be as close to the EU as possible.

The Chair of the Exiting the EU Select Committee told Sky News: “The committee will look into Article 50 and into what should be Britain’s negotiating position with the EU.

“We will try to establish the kind of relationship with the EU that Britain should seek.”

However, in a stark warning to Brexit campaigners, who want to exit the EU as soon as possible, Mr Benn said Theresa May’s deadline for March next year will not work.

The Labour MP said: “We have elections in France and Germany next year so it is reasonable to assume formal negotiations won’t start until the autumn when the German elections are out of the way.” 

The British Democrats say;  

MPs overwhelmingly voted to appoint Keith Vaz to the Justice committee, with  an astonishing 159 Tory MPs – including ten Cabinet ministers – voting in favour.  How can the British Public have any confidence in the Parliamentary process when the majority of MPs appear to have abandoned logic and common sense when it comes to decision making?  

6 thoughts on “Brexit – Will The Decision Of The People Be Respected By Parliament and The Courts?

  1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Marxist watch Update. Labour Deputy Leader , Tom Watson , has made it clear that the Labour Party will NOT VOTE IN PARLIAMENT to BLOCK the Prime Minister when she INVOKES ARTICLE 50 ! He said that they WILL RESPECT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE , as expressed in our Referendum. Confused fellow MARXIST Leader , JEREMY CORBYN ,has now backtracked from his previous UNDEMOCRATIC STATEMENTS by confirming the policy.

  2. Farage has called a March to the Supreme Court on the day of Brexit appeal ruling. I would suggest Nationalists mobilise for this event!

    1. John Shaw ( Party Official ) Great point , Johnny Leach . Over the years , I have often wondered what would happen if the silent majority said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and to their own surprise , found themselves respectfully marching in a dignified manner ! They would number in their MILLIONS and with a few bold British Democratic Party banners , sprinkled amongst the crowds , it would be a Great day indeed for our DECENT , CLASSLESS NATIONALISM.

  3. You have a Guyanan woman who has thrown yet another spanner in the Brexit works, and three incompetent judges who should all be out of a job. The whole thing is becoming a bigger farce by the day. Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, it has been reported that the combined ethnic vote is approximately 30% in total and a whopping 90% of them are voting for Hilary Clinton, making it an almost impossible task for Trump to win… this is what Globalism and the EU are all about !

  4. Further to johnshaw’s and Johnny Leech’s suggestions, a march on Parliament on 9 November would have been an idea. Didn’t that happen somewhere else?

  5. Personally I am amazed at the amount of People interfering in our Countries internal affairs. So it is with the Republic of Ireland’s owner of Ryan Air. He is against Britain leaving the European Union ( what a cheek ) and is constantly on the Bolshevic Broadcasting Corporations airwaves , predicting disaster for our Country if we leave the E.U. ! He would be better off concentrating on his own airwaves as I understand his company has run into problems of his own making. The media tell us that he is cancelling flights with only 24 hours notice , with the result that holidays are lost and business meetings failed for people. Also that too many Pilots and others have not been allowed to have their holidays as they all built up together ! Also the cancelled flights are supposed to help with the punctuality figures for the airline in some way ! So I think he should literally ‘ MIND HIS OWN BUSSINESS and let us run our own Country. Anyway , when the Republic of Ireland see how BRITAIN BOOMS WHEN WE ARE FREE OF THE e.u. stranglehold his Country will want to leave as well.

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