Brexit & Mass Immigration: Fake Tory Promises


How do we know that Theresa May’s so called “hard Brexit” will not stop mass immigration and that she has no intention of doing so? Because the Tories have made the same promise to cut immigration over  previous decades, only to renege on their promise as soon as elected. Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath promised to cut immigration, then did nothing about it once elected; Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher stole the National Front’s policy to cut immigration then did nothing about it when in office, and Tory David Cameron promised to cut  net immigration to the tens of thousands per year, then, when Prime Minister allowed immigration to massively INCREASE to over three hundred thousand immigrants per year!

The Tories cannot be trusted to cut mass immigration any further than they could be thrown, because they represent powerful big business and big banks who want large scale immigration which brings in lots of low cost labour to increase profits for businesses, regardless that it holds down wages and reduces availability of entry level jobs for British workers. The far left Labour Party, Liberal Democrat Party and Green Party are even worse than the Tories; they don’t even pretend that they want to stop mass immigration, they desperately want as much immigration as possible – for ideological reasons (it makes them feel holier than thou) and because grateful immigrants are likely to vote for them and help them achieve political power.

Kevan Stafford 



17 thoughts on “Brexit & Mass Immigration: Fake Tory Promises

  1. I for one cannot stomach Mrs May she has the look of a liar and a cheat in fact everything the Tory Party stands for. In the absence of a Patriotic candidate I will not be voting Thursday.

  2. all the Parties are utter crap the sooner We rid ourselves of the Parasites Pygmies Lightweights & Traitors the better We will most likely see a Tory victory of a 70 to 80 Majority as Corbyn the Terrorist loving Traitor is completely unelectable

  3. John Shaw , Great article. Meanwhile , today a children’s nursery worker was walking to her job in East London today , when she was attacked , from behind , by 3 Asian girls who chanted from the Koran whilst they punched and kicked her . Beaten to the ground she finally had her arm slashed before the crazed Islamists ran off ! I have continually WARNED about Islamic and other Immigrants , who say they hate us , just getting up in the morning and attacking any British Person they can ! ( source; Evening Standard article , published on m.s.n. 7/6/2017

  4. Corbyn makes the moderate Tory look ‘Rightwing’, and if he wins maybe that will be the tonic needed to wake up those who shrug and tell you it’s already too late, a lost cause etc. Imagine Anti White Abbott as Home Secretary, if ever there was testament to the power of ”positive discrimination” then look no further!

  5. JOHN SHAW Regarding the General Election , I was shocked to see the fantastic Donald Trump supporting FOX NEWS has taken itself OFF THE AIR for election day. If you turn to the American channel you just get a page showing the following announcement. Fox news is currently off the air due to reporting restrictions around the General Election. Whilst surprised I think I know what this drastic and unprecedented step is all about. When the latest Islamic terrorist incident took place , the American FOX NEWS broadcast the Islamic names and identities and much else , of the perpertraters. The tory Government went mad , saying Fox had no right as they were not ready yet ! Although they cited security reasons I think it was because the Conservatives did not want horrified people to know it was definitely Muslims that did it. I have noticed they like a delay so people can calm down ! Anyway the real point is that the leak or leaks to FOX MUST HAVE COME FROM THIS SIDE OF THE OCEAN , SO WHY BLAME FOX WHO AT LEAST TELL IT HOW IT IS !

  6. Well, what a spectacular own goal by the Tory Party! grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory. This one will go down as Mays utter inability to understand the electorate, did anyone really expect this Public school educated,Vicars daughter with no children, married to a Millionaire to have a clue about the struggles of many Indigenous families ? when was the last time she had to budget to pay her Council Tax!.The Liebour Party has done what it does best make alsorts of rash promises and once again the Electorate takes the bait , the young have been promised free Student education as Nationalist we would fully support that the only difference is that we realise it has to be funded by cutting the overseas aid budget.UKIP have managed to reverse there fortunes and are now pulling the number of votes thet attained 10 years ago so good riddence to them.Where does it leave us you may ask ? I believe with UKIP,S demise we can again start to move forward and offer a Patriotic alternative ( we being all of the Patriotic Partys with the exception of the BNP that is really a pension fund for 3 or 4 corrupt individuals) .We can only hope out of Chaos comes order.

    1. I think she attended a private school only for a brief period. No, Mrs May’s real fault is not where she was educated but the fact she is SIMPLY OUT OF HER DEPTH as PM and the election campaign exposed this in full. Brutally put, she ‘crashed and burned’ as was inevitable as soon as the Tories stupidly chose her instead of say Andrea Leasdsom.

      Certainly, those students studying USEFUL courses that the country needs such as those in medicine and science and engineering should have free student grants once again. South Korea, for instance, has the WORLD’S HIGHEST LEVEL OF GRADUATES IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING which no doubt goes at least partially to explaining how that country has such vibrant, export-led industries like electronics and companies like Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. We must follow their lead in this regard.

      Others, should have to pay fees. We might also try and ensure that those going to university are suitable for a university education and that it will actually benefit them.

      UKIP is now effectively dead and buried. They could have gone full social national like Marine Le Pen’s Front National in 2014 when they were riding high in the polls but didn’t hence their crash on Thursday. We need a competent and attractive modern nationalist party to replace them. This party needs to be that choice.

  7. We as a People must get together organize a mass movement to get a decent alternative into Government expose Corbyn for his appalling false promises to gullible Young People He is doing exactly what Clegg did over the Student tuition fees and will be found out, it was wonderful seeing Clegg Salmond and Robertson get their p45’s We will get a tory/dup coalition now

  8. John Shaw , Yes Kevan , The Immigrants , first , second and now sadly , third generation , VOTE LABOUR. Our horrible media , currently making a big thing about ‘ young people voted Labour ‘ will discuss anything but the Labour block vote , arranged by the Mosque’s . Without these peoples votes the Labour Party would have had SIXTY EIGHT M.P.’s. As we sink into the ABYS WE CAN ONLY BE THREE YEARS FROM THE BIGGEST POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE EVER. THE FORMING OF THE ISLAMIC PEOPLES PARTY , WITH THE MULLAH’S ENFORCING THE VOTE LIKE THEY DO FOR LABOUR NOW !

  9. As Mrs May scores a spectacular own goal what was the prioroty for the Lesbian Scots Tory leader Ruth Davies, unemployment,health,education,immigration? no it was to seek assurances from Mrs May that the LGBTI minority get there cause promoted !!!!!! .This sexual deviant has here own little crusade and will promote it at any cost.A truly vile creature.

    1. No, that is incorrect. Ms Davidson simply wants LGBT rights to be maintained on the mainland where the laws pertaining to this subject have been liberalised in recent years. Where she DEFINITELY IS WRONG is arguing for the nonsense of what she calls an ‘open’ Brexit and thinking she has the public’s backing in this merely because the Tories won back 13 seats in Scotland. The MAIN reason the Scottish Tories achieved this is because many Scots were increasingly fed-up with the SNP calling for a second referendum every five minutes and as the Scottish Labour Party under Kezia Dugdale DOESN’T have a strong line against this the MOST EMPHATIC way the Scots have of demonstrating to the SNP their displeasure at their stance was to vote Tory.

      There is a need for careful language on this issue. The LGBT minority CAN’T now ‘promote’ their issue because on the mainland they now ARE fully equal citizens to straights.

      Castigate Ruth Davidson for IGNORING the electorate’s decision of the 23rd June 2016 and for being an ardent Remainiac still not for her sexual orientation.

  10. Well UKIP are now officially Political Plankton, and the last droplets of their watered down message has mercifully evaporated into thin air. Every Cockerel Will Crow Loudest From His Own Dung-Heap, they used to say… and media enhanced Nigel scorned the genuine Nationalists who paved the way for his Party… After all, UKIP ”were not Racist” like the ones who grafted to bring the immigration crisis to the forefront of politics in the first place.

  11. only a fightback against the LibLabConGreenSNPUKIP liars will suffice I am more than ready for a fight against the establishment who run down our Country & People

  12. John Shaw , I know that the British Democratic Party UTTERLY CONDEMN the retaliationary attack on the dreadful , notorious Finnsbury Park Mosque. Whilst totally understanding the dislike of people who are ruining our Country , VIOLENCE is not the answer and is not condoned by us. The best way to fight the Multi-cultural society is to JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY and help it grow into a Political force for good in Britain. Do it Today.

  13. The Horrible IMMIGRATION FIGURES ARE OUT TODAY ! The twisted Media are making various biased comments about them as usual . Read about how Britain now needs another quarter of a million Jobs to be created , a couple of Hundred thousand HOUSES TO BE BUILT , further strain on the N.H.S. Police and even Roads. No , they did NOT PRESENT IT ALL LIKE THAT , BUT THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS. Having read the MANIPULATED FIGURES , pondered the future and REALISED WE ARE BEING CONNED , find the time to JOIN THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE !

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