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Leicestershire Correspondent reports

The campaign to leave the EU starts now! 

BLOG20341 (2)It’s time to move into heavy campaigning against UK membership of the EU in light of the pending referendum. Leicestershire activists have hit the streets in East Goscote, Leicestershire and put out literature, giving reasons why the UK should vote to leave the European Union.

 East Goscote is an interesting village, as it was represented by a British National Party borough councillor for eight years – 2007 to 2015. It is also widely understood it the village has never elected a Labour or Liberal Democrat councillor at either borough or county council level.

 EUleafletA5_page_001The leaflet encompassed key dangers of EU membership including: uncontrolled immigration, financial incompetence and lack of democracy and sovereignty. Clearly, there are many reasons for the UK to exit the EU, but campaign information has to be given in stages for the public to take it in.

In light of the current migrant crisis one point from the leaflet is particularly relevant. ‘The EU has moved inexorably towards a common immigration and asylum policy’.  As we have witnessed Germany’s offer to accept over 500,000 migrants from the Middle East will have an impact on all EU member states. 

 If anyone is interested in putting out leaflets giving reasons for the UK to become independent, please contact the Party on the following email:


13 thoughts on “Brexit – Leicestershire campaign news

  1. ( Party Official ) Well done Kevan. A genuine Brit Dem Patriot. With very strong rumours of yet another FINANCIAL SCANDAL and betrayal of Nationalists within another Patriotic Party , I would like to point out that the British Democratic Party is run by VOLUNTEERS and NOBODY takes or wants any money for trying to SAVE OUR COUNTRY. Patriots , don’t despair , JOIN THE GENUINE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY !

  2. Its good to see the report of activity, it shows we are not just an internet party.
    Perhaps in future leaflets the cost of EU membership could be broken down to show (roughly) how much it is costing the individual familyto be a member of this fraud. While putting out leaflets someone actually asked me this question.

  3. Have got hundreds out in Central and West London recently… and a positive response from the people I’ve spoken to. A very good leaflet covering all the issues of concern relating to the EU… This is the right time to get them out there in all areas !

  4. Despite the best efforts of the BDP and others. The Brexit front will fail, With all the Media channels pro staying in that corrupt Marxist organisation. Proof of what I’m saying is surely as plain as the UKIP demise, despite getting more votes than the Lib Dems, but only one seat . The anti exit parties and their poodle press will swamp us all with lies, more lies, and then statistics. All plucked from nowhere.
    Only revolution can take us out , and at this time the only real revolutionaries out there are of the Russel Brand type.
    I would say God help us all. But as an atheist it wont help.
    The very first lie will be ‘ its costing us £20 billion per anum, to stay in ,but will lose us £30 billion to exit , mark my words.

    1. It will be interesting to see the big guns muster all of their financial might to ” persuade” us that leaving would be a disaster .There was a time that we as Patriots had the manpower to make a bit of a difference but in our present weakened state I fear not.

  5. In response to JohnM’s query, according to the book The Great European Rip-off by David Craig and Matthew Elliot, “the EU costs us £2,000 a year for every man, woman and child in Europe”.

  6. ‘Germany’s offer to accept over 500,000 migrants’

    In the newspapers, they were talking about 1 million. You’re under-selling it.

  7. ( Party Official ) Most people realise that David Cameron will NOT get any meaningful CONCESSIONS from the European Union Superstate . However , the British Democratic Party say that the very IDEA of our COUNTRIES Prime Minister going ‘ CAP IN HAND ‘ to another Government to ask PERMISSION on any aspect of RUNNING OUR COUNTRY is WRONG ! For basic sense in Britain , help us by Joining today.

  8. Best days leafleting in West London for a while…250 today. The EU is THE issue of the moment. The more areas covered the more the Party gets associate

  9. ( Party Official ) Although I doubt it , the Prime Minister is claiming that the REFERENDUM will be in June ! Sometimes people do the RIGHT THING for THE WRONG REASON. sO , EVEN IF MANY vote out JUST TO SLAP CAMERON IN THE FACE , SO BE IT ! We would be OUT and the FIRST DOMINO would have FALLEN in the International Corporate State , Marxist Multi-Cultural Nightmare . Phew !

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