Is Brexit in Danger Of Being Sabotaged?


Gina Miller, a co-founder of London fund manager SCM Private, is the main gina-miller.pngclaimant in a growing queue of litigants hoping to force Prime Minister Theresa May to let parliament decide when, how and whether to leave the EU, rather than taking such decisions by Royal Prerogative following last month’s referendum.

“I believe that people have been fooled,” Miller, 51, told Reuters in her office in London’s exclusive Knightsbridge area. “They have not realised that the referendum was not legally binding and secondly there is no Brexit plan.

“That’s what my action is about, we need to have a better-informed debate on what this momentous decision means.”

The Author says: 

When Parliament debated and voted to put the question of UK membership of the EU to a referendum they devolved their sovereignty on this issue to the people of Britain.  Since the majority of the British people voted to leave, all members of Parliament, and particularly the government are obligated to comply with the wishes of the people.
There is some who say that it will require an act or acts of Parliament for Brexit to be implemented and that may well be that case as the 1972 European Communities Act will, at least, have to be repealed.  Any acts of parliament required can, however, be accomplished without the need for a parliamentary vote.  The Government can bring in the changes required using the powers of the Royal Prerogative, these powers can be generally exercised on the advice of the Prime Minister or the Cabinet.


Other public figures are also attempting to undermine the will of the British People.

Theresa May had to order Europhile civil servants to embrace Brexit after a former top mandarin sparked fury by saying leaving the EU was not inevitable.

Gus o'DonaldGus O’Donnell, the former Cabinet Secretary, said that despite the clear referendum result the country could end up remaining in a ‘broader, more loosely aligned’ European Union.

Earlier this month, a Tory peer suggested the Lords could withhold support for invoking Article 50, despite 52 per cent of Britons backing Leave in the June 24 referendum.

wheatcroftBaroness Wheatcroft, who backed Remain, suggested there were dozens of peers who want to stop, delay or ‘revisit’ the result.



SNP party leader Nicola Sturgeon addresses the annual STUC conference at Ayr Racecourse.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has also vowed to block Brexit alongside Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.





Shadow Welsh secretary Owen Smith speaks during the party's annual conference in Manchester, northern EnglandLabour leadership candidate Owen Smith has pledged to call a second referendum on the issue.



Professor Thom Brooks warned Article 50 – the formal process of leaving the European Union – is unlikely to ever be invoked.

Thom BrooksProfessor Brooks, who advised the Electoral Commission on the wording of the referendum question, told MailOnline: ‘I do not think Article 50 will be invoked.

‘The closer the government looks at what is actually involved in leaving then the less likely they are going to be jumping ship.

‘There is a 42 year evolving legal relationship that is not so easy to unpick. It is an absolutely massive task.’

The immigration expert, whose research has been quoted in the House of Lords, predicted Brexit ministers would row back on their commitment to Leave and call for a second referendum.

Philip Hammond has been accused of muscling in on Brexit negotiations by demanding the UK retains access to the single market after we leave the EU.

Philip HammondLast night one prominent Tory Eurosceptic demanded Mr. Hammond resigns if he is seeking to water down Brexit.

Three anti-Brexit former ministers have admitted the Remain camp got it wrong on immigration by ducking the issue of immigration during the EU referendum campaign.Tory Anna Soubry, Labour’s Pat McFadden and LibDem Norman Lamb said that free movement of people cannot continue as it has done.  The three, who were senior figures in the fight to stay in the EU, also warned Theresa May against the ‘false choice’ of losing access to the European single market.

Anna Soubery
Anna Soubery
Norman Lamb
Norman Lamb

A majority of voters in the constituencies of all three MPs voted to leave the EU despite their vociferous campaigning in favour.

Pat McFadden
Pat McFadden

They have set up a group called Open Britain which takes over from Britain Stronger In Europe, the official Remain campaign defeated on June 23.


13 thoughts on “Is Brexit in Danger Of Being Sabotaged?

  1. One thing is for sure.
    politicians do not like being told what to do, especially by the great unwashed. We even now have the odious creature Blair chiming in, instead of languishing in a cell where any healthy State would have him .
    The real question is whether the politicians can pull off a reversal. As it stands there is no Brexit champion, and unfortunately the 17 million Brexit voters would be difficult , nigh on impossible to muster on the streets.
    Funnily enough the American elections might have an effect . If Clinton wins then brexit will be lost in favour of more global conflict. Trump winning I see as a feather in the cap for brexiteers here and across the pond.
    Never forget that old adage . ‘ America sneezes, we catch a cold’
    The one absolute we all have learnt is Democracy British style ( and many other places ) is just a word without any meaning. The same arrogance that the French dealt with, with their revolution.

  2. This free market thing is a red herring. Simply we by more from them that they from us.
    Plus what ever we do make which has been squeezed almost out of existence. Could be sold elsewhere. Most stuff we buy from the EU, we could do without eg; Irish milk. Unseasonal food year round, and luxury German cars. We got by not using Germany’s cars during the war.
    One thing that is sure, German car makers will always do deals with us to sell their cars , and I’m sure the others would to.
    What happened to the butter mountains and milk lakes, All that waste we paid for. mostly given away free of charge or it just rotted. The EU is corrupt beyond question, so our remain voters must also be.

  3. Re. ‘baz’s’ comments about German cars and the war,I am a proud owner of a Mercedes.As far as I am concerned,if it was good enough for The Fuhrer it’s good enough for me!

  4. Whatever the particular maneuver or imagined loophole they attempt to conjure up next, you get the distinct impression these embittered losers are in a pathological state of denial about what the British have voted for… and that is quite simply to leave the Socialist Superstate commonly known as the EU.

    May I remind the sore losers that Britons were never given the opportunity to vote in a referendum to determine whether we wished to become a hub for mass third world immigration and eventually a resented minority in our native homeland…Coupled with the fact there was no political mandate from the political elite that oversaw this act of treason, then surely enforced multiculturalism is itself illegal. Know need for a debate over the technicalities here, this is what actually happened to our country after World War Two.

  5. Of topic but what Nationalist / Patriot could not be thrilled to hear the Keith Vaz accusations . This odious creep has been attacking us for as long as I can remember. Poor Leicester ( once ranked number 5 in the European city wealth table) firstly that Jew nonce Janner now an Indian puff ! coincidently I was discussing Vaz with a Patriot colleague from Derby only last week and I happened to mention his speaking voice has changed from a Midlands accent to that false Wesminster one they all adopt however my exact comment was ” he speaks with a Plum in his mouth ” blimey if I had said Two plums I would have been nearer the truth !.

  6. Also Leicester had Patricia Hewitt who was in the NCCL when it was linked to PIE. Greville Janner ‘took Keith Vaz under his wing’ after he became a Leicester MP.

    1. People forget that MORE Scots VOTED to leave the E.U.Superstate IN SCOTLAND than voted FOR THE S.N.P. therefore Nicola Sturgeon does NOT HAVE ANY MANDATE AT ALL and she KNOWS IT !

  7. if the remoaners can still moan about the result led by Paddy Geldof & Tranny Izzard then Us who want rid of the EU can march & remove LIBLABCONGREENSNP

    1. Who are you going to get to march Adam . The dwindling few that post here, the 17 million that actually got off their collective arses for once in their lives to vote. Even if they did ,marches are old hat. Still it would be nice to know your plan.

  8. The British PEOPLE have been THREATENED by the Chancellor of Germany and President of France numerous times over recent years regarding what they will do to us if we left the Superstate and WE DON’T LIKE IT ! On a brighter note wouldn’t it be GREAT IF THE E.U. SUPERSTATE COLLAPSED OF IT’S OWN ACCORD BEFORE OUR NEGOTIANS EVEN BEGAN ! ! !

  9. PROJECT FEAR IS BEING REPLACED WITH PROJECT RETALIATION ! Whilst there is no doubt that the free movement of peoples and it’s result of aiding Terrorism , makes it very difficult to administer safe air travel , my instinct tells me that the European Union Superstate authorities ARE MAKING IT AS DIFFICULT AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE FOR BRITISH TRAVELLERS. Expect the experts to agree with this soon as PROJECT RETALIATION GETS WORSE !

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