‘Born under foreign skies’ – How Britain is heading for ‘Zones Urbaines Sensibles’

By Mike Newland.  



There is little awareness in Britain that five million people in France live in what are designated as ‘Zones Urbaines Sensibles’ or ZUS and what it means.

Anyone who does not find the following frightening and ominous for we Europeans is complacent to the point of madness.

In 1996, the French government designated certain areas of towns as ‘sensitive urban areas’ essentially outside their control and to be treated with kid gloves for fear of massive civil disturbance. There are now over 700 including 12 in Marseille and hardly a town without one. The police can only enter in force and generally avoid doing so since they are attacked. A recent French TV series partly about it, Spiral, was shown on Channel Four.

What are they and who lives there?

They are areas controlled by Muslims who wish to order their lives by sharia law. The laws of France do not apply there. They are also centres for massive levels of organised crime particularly drugs. Essentially they are run by a mafia. Murders and endless other crimes are simply not reported.

In 2006, the Lyons police demonstrated against violence inflicted on them as a result of the zones! This is how bad it’s got.

The French press operates a code of practice in covering the regular massive rioting which happens. The rioters are described as ‘French youths’ inflamed by poverty and ‘racism’.

How could such a thing have been allowed to happen? That it did is simply implementation of the theory of multiculturalism taken to its logical conclusion. Several years ago, the then President Sarkozy promised to stop the above process but did not.

Similar zones have spread into Germany and other European countries. Politicians fear the consequences of defying the wish of Muslims to have their own areas outside normal society. They have simply given in to what amounts to colonisation and de facto conquest. Well if the writ of local law does not run there?

One of the curious features of the system is that because the inhabitants of these areas don’t call the police and don’t want them there the recorded crime rates are low! This suits both police, politicians and the inhabitants. Nothing to see here! Move along now.

There have been very limited indications in the media about the same forbidden areas outside the law beginning to develop in Britain. What is termed – and laughably thought of – as ’responsible reporting’ means that such things are played down ‘to avoid provoking prejudice’. What has certainly not happened however is for the British government to formally recognise forbidden areas as has happened in France.

Quite a few people will have wondered how long before this situation broke out into mainstream press recognition in Britain. The press did its best for decades to avoid discussing immigration but eventually it had to. The gap between public awareness and the silence about what is happening to Britain became too great. Newspapers after all have to sell themselves.

Now it has happened.

The Chief Inspector of Constabulary has admitted that there are areas where even murder is not reported. Female genital mutilations and many other crimes are also ignored. He delicately described the residents of these areas as “born under foreign skies“.

The Chief Inspector added: “There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called. They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own“.

Quite recently, several Muslims were convicted for intimidating and attacking people in East London in an attempt to impose sharia law.

The Tory MP Douglas Carswell has now cunningly resorted to one of the standard official tactics employed to distract attention from situations of this kind. He says that the police have simply let down unfortunate ethnics in these areas who don’t believe they can count on them. The real situation as in France is an attempt to create police free areas. The perpetrators are victims – a familiar and standard politically correct tactic to justify our national way of life being trampled on .

Another regularly employed evasive tactic has been to say that many of the residents trying to create foreign micro states in European cities are not in any sense foreign since they were born in the countries concerned. This neatly evades the fact that their culture is not that of the country they were born in. Hence the interjection of another senior policeman anxious to keep on the right side of political correctness who said that Tom Winsor was wrong to talk of people ‘born under foreign skies‘.

How long before this derisory verbal box ‘o tricks is seen for what it is – a shameless manipulation of the population?

It will surely now not be long before the Government creates in our country some kind of at least semi-official recognition of equivalents to the French ZUS where the police don‘t go and no doubt taxes will not be collected – effectively foreign micro states. This will, of course, be spun to high heaven as ‘an important positive step forward in community relations’. ‘Handing back responsibility to communities’ will be another line in deviousness.

The future for Britain is increasingly bleak in the hands of the three big parties. Things are also moving faster than many supposed would happen. Politicians merely pay lip service to the need for integration.


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12 thoughts on “‘Born under foreign skies’ – How Britain is heading for ‘Zones Urbaines Sensibles’

  1. There are already partial no go areas which indigenous people and our police are reluctant to enter here in Britain.

    Politicians have repeatedly refused to accept that there was any such thing, and one member of the last Labour government even proved that it was perfectly safe by visiting one such area publicly. Surrounded by guards naturally and wearing a stab proof vest. This, of course, merely confirmed to all of us naysayers just how safe a vibrant, multicultural area it really was.

    Sadly, the gradual Balkanisation of Great Britain will lead to the same conclusion as elsewhere on mainland Europe. There can only be one outcome eventually. It will lead to the terrible tragedy of civil war. Only fools refuse to acknowledge the truth of history, and history has a terrible habit of repeating itself when people don’t learn from it.

  2. I understand, maybe incorrectly, that in France most of these hostile Islamic no go zones are actually on the outskirts of cities, because the French unlike the British made a point of housing immigrants in these large modern blocks in the suburbs. The centres of the towns remain largely in French hands whereas in England the inner-cities and towns have been systematically rubbished by a succession of British administrations and the natives often quite literally driven out.

    Of course, also nationalists have to contend with the accepted fantasy that the English are not townies and love living in the suburbs. One hundred years ago people thought that Hendon in north London was the epitome of country living. Today realistically all of the South East of England all the way to the coast is actually suburb. The Green Belt is simply a device whereby wealthy English upper class householders like the DM’s, Simon Heffer, and suchlike, can prevent the authorities building a nice estate full of richness and diversity right on their doorstep.

  3. I disagree. The Green Belt is essential in my opinion. I live in a Green Belt village area right next door to London and there is no doubt in my mind that if it hadn’t been for that post-war planning policy where I live and the nearest town would have long ago been swallowed-up into the conurbation. Of course, it does tend to have the effect of keeping out migrants but that isn’t what the purpose behind the policy was or is.

  4. With regard to no-go areas in French cities, the mayor of Marseilles has several times demanded that the government send in the army to sort out the anarchic situation there. This has been studiously ignored. The most that happens is that the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, goes down there and makes sympathetic noises. They will not send in the army, as to do that would be to admit that they have lost control. So there are regular gun battles there on an almost weekly basis. These do get reported, however briefly.

  5. As history has shown the French people will only take so much before they turn on the misgoverning “aristos” in Paris and elsewhere. Pity us Brits are not as volatile as our friends across the Channel.

  6. Point of interest. There were unofficial ‘no go’ zones in 19th century London. Criminal rookeries which the police feared to enter. One was around St Giles’ Church but that was swept away by the building of New Oxford Street.

    There was one in Whitechapel known as the ‘Holy Land’.

  7. Enough is enough. One only has to look at England and France and Europe today. It is sad what Paris has become. Take a good look at Europe and that is America in 25 years, unless something is done to prevent immigration from making further inroads into America, our cities, schools, universities and even our own government.

    Multiculturalism is literally destroying Europe. There are now over 700 “Islamic no-go Muslim Zones” within England, France and Germany.

    I have no problem with the “peaceful Muslim” that wants to integrate into our culture and follow our laws. The problem lies in that some wish to force Islam and Sharia law upon us all. Just not acceptable here in America folks. Stand up and be counted.

    “When good men and woman are quiet evil always wins” Forget about be labeled a racist, or being politically correct, multiculturalism is not good for America. Let them adopt to our culture, period Amen.

  8. Hi loyalists/patriots [party member]

    Admit it this country is finished.

    It’s the rubbish in Whitehall where the traitors exist and No 10 Downing Street.

    Be aware of extreme capitalism as we’ve endured it since 1979 and those who want less British worker’s rights etc.

    In Parliament the majority go with the flow.

  9. ( Party Official ) Given recent events in France and the fact that , due to mass Immigration , our Country is in the same PERIL as France , the above older B.D.P. article is well worth a read !

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