Bilderberg Group stall the debate

Contribution from Andrew Brons to a debate in AFCO held on 17th March 2014 on the Inter-institutional Agreement on the Transparency Register (register of lobbying groups that will be compulsory)




“Would bodies that invite people (MEPs) to their meetings, in order that they might be influenced, without stepping through the doors of the European Parliament, be counted as lobbyists to be registered?

Would, for example, the Bilderberg Group be included?

We know that Herman van Rompuy  was invited and attended and we know that President Barroso was invited and attended. I do not know if any members of the European Parliament have been invited and have attended. I shall say, for the record, that I have not but then it’s not likely that I would be!”

Well that was a conversation stopper; wasn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Bilderberg Group stall the debate

  1. I think a whole article should be written on the Bilderberg group to enlighten readers who may never have heard about them. Of course, it is customary of the establishment to decry such information as being nothing more than conspiracy theories, but then why all the secrecy?

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