Big Failure By UKIP – Loses Them Overall Control of Council

Manston AirportUKIP has lost overall control of Thanet District Council following a number of resignations, the most recent being Cllr Jeff Elenor who defected to the Democratic Independent Group.

It’s the fifth resignation from the party since it took control earlier this year. The council became the first UKIP-controlled authority in the country after elections in May.

All Five UKIP Councillors who resigned from the party are now sitting on the council as members of the Democratic Independent Group (DIG).

The makeup of the Council is now 28 UKIP, 18 Conservative, 4 Labour, 5 DIG and 1 independent

It was reported that disagreements over how the Council should deal with the disposal of Manston Airport led to the resignations.

MANSTON airport was closed in May, just months after it was sold to a group including millionaire Stagecoach boss Ann Gloag for £7 million.  The Group had previously agreed prior to the sale, to operate the airport as a going concern, for 2 years, but instead closed it within months and commenced ‘asset stripping’.

This was the first real test for UKIP in local government and they have failed, so far, to take any decisive action to save Manston Airport after being elected on a ‘Save the Airport’ ticket.

11 thoughts on “Big Failure By UKIP – Loses Them Overall Control of Council

  1. This will come as no surprise UKIP has now gone past its sell by date insofar as it has served its masters well by crushing the Nationalist vote and conning the electorate with its sham Patriotic stance. The chances are it will implode into various groupings all at each others throats.

    1. I do not think UKIP were founded to crush the ethnic Nationalist vote. But Farage is accused of selling that idea to the BBC . So UKIP got maximum support from the BBC in the last GE. ” support us or get the BNP” is what we were told old Nige proposed. So the elites got what they wished almost by default.
      Farage became their useful idiot. Whether by 30 pieces of silver or not. We can never know . What is clear is the BNP exploded at very exact time . Something we cannot blame Farage for. No he was just that useful idiot.

  2. When such time as UKIP’s crumble we have got to be in a position to recruit some of their good people, we badly need activists and organisers and UKIP will soon start to shed these people. Although having said this, the organisation does contain all sorts of people unfitted to be members of a Nationalist Movement, by that I mean for instance the various Tory rejects and opportunists who would be no asset.

  3. Admittedly this post has little to do with the article but I feel is of interest nonetheless. Tonight (Monday) Some 20-30,000 followers of the German anti-immigration Pegida movement held a rally in Dresden., Additionally more than 10,000 more participated in smaller rallies at the same time in Munich. Hanover and Leipzig. Pegida has formulated a set of asylum/immigration demands that could equally be applied here in Britain, indeed, throughout Europe. They are (translated from the German):-

    PEGIDA – 10 demands to the German asylum politics

    1.) We call for an immediate stop for asylum seekers, and we call for a German asylum-emergency law – now!

    Our asylum laws were conceived after the war for manageable quantities of approximately 2,000 refugees per year and not for 1,5 millions we expected to reach already in 2015!

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    Other EU countries control their national borders – and that, although the completely failed Dublin procedure goes almost entirely at the expense of Germany. The temporary reintroduction of border controls during the G7 summit has proved that border controls are an appropriate mean to prevent illegal border crossings, the flourishing business of smuggling mafia and the entry of criminals.

    3.) We demand that the group of “safe countries of origin” will be expanded on ALL Council of Europe member countries!

    This European Council has 47 member countries with 830 million citizens and over 1,800 European officials.

    All Member States have committed themselves to the preservation of democracy and rule of law as well as the recognition of the fundamental and human rights. That should be enough to count these countries to safe countries!

    4.) We call for a TEMPORARY right of asylum for refugees of war!

    Of course, real war refugees and accepted asylum seekers is to grant temporary protection and full coverage in the modest scale. But once the situation in the country improves, the refugees have to leave our country again.

    5.) We call for a binding limit for the annual reception of asylum seekers, namely defined by ourselves, the host country Germany!

    This vital question about the future of our country must be carried out by means of direct democracy – through a referendum!

    6.) We finally demand honesty in the integration debate and the end of the red-green social-romantic tale of wanting to integrate masses of male, African asylum seekers here!

    No one wants that. The green socialists use the refugees to create a red-green job wonder for bachelor graduates of chatter Sciences here. The pathological altruism and feigned empathy gooders are moral invisibility cloaks, which should cover the mega-lucrative migrant market.

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    The future French President Marine Le Pen has summarized it in “the destruction of these EU” – quote.

    It’s only this radical way, which works! These EU will never be to reform – who should himself rationalize his highly-paid job?

    Asylum seekers driven by nothing than economical reasons – are NOT welcome! Christian refugees, specially those who are surpressed by slaughtering Islamists are absolutely welcome in Germany and we provide every shelter, food and life-support they need, because this belongs to the German helping nature. To all others: STAY OUT!

    We, the people of European nations, need to unite, to conserve and to defend our values, our culture, our freedom. We need to unite against the self-declared kings and queens in Brussels. We, the German people, need international support against our own politicians in our German parliaments.

    Our politicians want to change the form of government of the Federal Republic of Germany, they want to abolish the German state people in Germany to replace us by a multicultural society, they want to establish a multiethnic state on German soil – this is a behavior like high traitors!

  4. The trend for UKIPPERS to resign in fits of pique , really shows its not what one could call an organisation with strongly held beliefs, or in fact a real manifesto. It seems to stumble from one crisis to another, Its leadership then steps back to assuage the left wing mob.
    The one lone MP ,I’d suggest is not a UKIPPER at heart. But a lost boy looking for the days of Maggie which of course UKIP are. The Bride of Thatcherism . Out of the mouth of Farage no less. As is Cameron the heir to Blair,
    None have the gumption to form a party that is truly conservative, in the sense of conservation of England and the English.
    Still reading ‘Jimbo’ the EU is now seething and in disarray. Interesting times lay ahead.

    1. Indeed. UKIP has little in the way of a coherent and distinct political philosophy and that which they do have is not much more than ‘warmed-up’ Thatcherism with its disastrous economic globalism. Nigel Farage’s political hero (as he has stated before) is Mrs Thatcher! All in all then, it should come as no surprise many of their people resign for the most petty and insubstantial of reasons and most of the time this isn’t connected to real differences of political philosophy. UKIP are sometimes compared to a genuine and electable nationalist party like France’s FN by some misinformed people but the differences between ulta-Thatcherite Toryism and France’s FN couldn’t be more stark.

  5. It is difficult to imagine- no matter how imaginative you may be- the people at the helm of the BNP achieving anything but treading water(for now), and then inevitably sinking. It is jobs for the boys, but evidently, not the cleverest of boys…

    UKIP are still getting mentioned whenever an immigration issue is raised. You will get the conditioned response by repetition, and it works a treat. Building a genuine Nationalist alternative is paramount for the future. Most importantly, keep out the ”wrong ‘uns”.

    1. ( Party Official ) Yes , JJM. Taking in the ” wrong uns ” is a bad mistake , just to get £ 25. Being ‘ determined to avoid the mistakes of the past ‘ is one of our stated aims. If we are going to be small in numbers for a while , let’s be at least high calibre , genuine , ego free people.

    2. Unfortunately, like it or not the BNP are still able to retain and attract new people. The thinking that without Griffin the BNP would collapse was completely wrong, likewise expecting the BNP to sink is wrong and is not going to happen. The only way we will move forward is to plough our own furrow, ignore all this talk of unity with fringe groups, and slowly build up the BDP.

  6. John M, I did mention the people running what’s left of them. They are likely to remain doing so for the foreseeable boils down to mutual backscratching for personal gain. I doubt they are attracting many new people either. One UKIP candidate who was not a defector, but was expelled, seems to be one exception.

    The current leader of the Party has not appeared on any media interviews, because of the baggage he is lumbered with. If he could at least partly compensate for this by articulating his views coherently, then that would be something, but this is beyond his capacities.

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