Beware Over Inflated and Indeed Probably ‘Hoax News’ Designed To Make You Feel Guilty

By John Shaw

There was a major headline on the so called mainstream news and also in the ‘Labour Party Supporting’ Daily Mirror about an Islamic Lady who had her arm grabbed, was spat upon and told ‘you should not be here’

Hardly headline news, although disgusting behaviour that any decent person would be appalled at.   However, with the dreadful things going on in London, with no mention of the many white youths suffering at the hands of various groups, it hardly seems a major story. 

When I read through the whole painful article and was more aware that the lady in question just happened to be a very keen activist for an organisation called ‘Stand up To Racism’, I smelled a rat, as the saying goes.  This organisation has already held a ‘demo’ to highlight the alleged incident.

Right at the end of the article my mind about this was made up for me by the fact that a description of the perpetrator was given – ‘A male of Arab appearance’

One thought on “Beware Over Inflated and Indeed Probably ‘Hoax News’ Designed To Make You Feel Guilty

  1. These groups always remain silent when the British are on the receiving end of abuse and violence from non Whites..apparently that’s not ”racism”…. because ”only Whites can be the perpetrators of it”…how convenient, considering it’s only OUR countries that are being targeted as hubs for mass immigration !

    The ones I pity most are the White ”anti racists”…who fall for this sham, hook line and sinker.
    They are the secular zealouts , ”racism” their Satan , Self loathing their divine and righteous path to divinity.

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