BBC ‘terrifies’ the elderly with ‘threatening’ licence fee letters warning viewers of a £1,000 fine

The BBC (British Bias Corporation) has been accused of ‘terrifying’ the elderly with ‘threatening’ licence fee letters warning viewers of a £1,000 fine if they do not pay the £157.50-a-year cost.

Social media users complained online after receiving the letters, which are emblazoned with red capital letters and informed recipients they could face prosecution. If enquiry officers suspect that BBC or iPlayer programmes are being watched without a licence fee, they may pay a visit to your home. They cannot enter the premises, but may apply for a search warrant in order to do so. Letters sent become progressively stronger in tone, depending on whether people respond to enquiries or not. TV Licensing does its best not to trouble genuine non-viewers, but we have a duty to enforce the law.

It has been reported 250,000 households have cancelled their TV license during the last six months. The BBC is now sending out letters, reminders and trying to prevent people from cancelling. They know people are fed up with poor, bias anti-British programmes and diversity quotas.

NowTV, Netflix and other on-demand providers. The BBC offers nothing of use anymore. Who wants to watch a programme centred on an historical event and see black actors play people that were white?

The BBC were proven to be bias during the EU referendum, it took months before they stated reporting the illegal migration crisis at the south coast. It’s time for nationalist and decent people to ditch the BBC.


Save £157.50 a year.

How to Cancel Your TV Licence:

Ring Customer Services: 0300 790 6131 Operating times: 0830hrs – 1830hrs Monday-to-Friday Can’t get through?

DM @tvlicensing Or Send a letter: Customer Services TV Licensing Darlington DL98 1TL And always ask for a refund


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  1. The BBC is the enemy within. Pure poison. Cancel and watch what YOU want to watch with the benefit of the internet. You won’t miss it. THEY should be paying YOU to watch their utter garbage.

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