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Arron Banks commenting on the Supreme Court Judgement .

“Today’s judgement gives our out-of-touch Establishment the ability to soften or delay the clean Brexit a majority of the British people voted for.

The people have been let down. Parliament gave us a referendum and the people had their say yet the power has now been handed back to Westminster by our unelected Establishment judges. This decision shows how broken the system is – true democracy is being thwarted.

This Tory government wants to be a champion for ordinary people, now May must prove it by driving Brexit through Parliament post-haste – 17.4 million voters will be watching her every move”.

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  1. The impression I get is that May has no understanding of the word ACTION because as yet we have seen lots of hot air but little else.Yesterday the MAIL ran a story suggesting May and Trump work together to “lead the World” !! I for one have no desire to rebuild a failed Empire however I would be more than happy to see some resolve to fix our broken Nation ,jobs that have real prospects and pay a real living wage would be a start or perhaps State housebuilding that will actually enable our children to get on the property ladder without these ridiculous 40 year loans.What a dream to be able to visit our Capital city without mistaking it for the Third World quite possible but only if you round up the illegals and deport them first.So much work here first Mrs May leave the rest of the World to Donald,please.

    • John Shaw ( Party Official ) Yes Graham , I am not surprised that the newspapers have NOT picked up on our BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY , quoting ” if you round up the illegals and Deport them First “. It would sell Millions of extra newspapers ! The reason they WILL NOT PRINT it is that the vast MAJORITY AGREE with this Common Sense BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY POLICY and our MORALLY CORRUPT MEDIA DO NOT !

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