Balkanised Britain

By Mike Newland.



When the manager of a London Sainsburys store saw a mob of anti-Israeli protestors outside the shop he removed kosher products from the shelves for fear they might inflame the protestors.

His calculus was a simple one. Give in to the most powerful faction for the quietest life while maintaining that he was merely protecting the store’s stock as any good company servant should.

These events have provoked a deluge of media frenzy which is really grounded in the merits of one side of the argument or the other between supporters of Israel and supporters of the Palestinians. Kosher or Halal? Which team do you support? Most has come down on the side of saying that there is growing anti-semitism in Britain which is being tolerated out of fear of Islam. Looks as though official channels prefer the Kosher team.

Britain is now a football pitch hosting murderous away teams who are not satisfied with sticking to matches on their own turf.

What almost no one seems to want to ask is why any of this is happening in the first place.

The attitude appears to be that, when building that sunny multicultiland we are all supposed to be occupying, we must be on guard for small slippages back into the dark days of a core culture and identity. With effort and concentration we will soon be back on track towards the future heavenly state where ‘isms’ are as much a part of the past as witch burnings.

In short, the events at Sainsbury are not portents of a terrible future but rather teething troubles on the road to harmony which will encourage us all to greater efforts and an outbreak of fuzzy goodwill. Well they would say that would they not? It’s taken for granted that Britain must accommodate factions which are at daggers drawn over matters nothing to do with the British people. That’s the way to build tolerance. They call it progress.

Whoever asked for any of this in our capital city now pleasantly renamed ‘Londonistan’? None of it wafted in on the breeze by an act of God. It has been deliberate government policy for decades to introduce as many inevitably warring factions into Britain as possible and then to pretend it’s an improvement in our lives. Balkanisation has been renamed ‘multicultural enrichment’.

The terrible fact is that Britain is being deliberately Balkanised without a shred of consent on the part of its population most of whom are cowed into silence. Almost no one can afford to even whisper the truth other than in private. At all costs the pretence must be maintained that Britain is building a better society instead of heading steadily downwards into not having a society worthy of the name at all.

Even the beheading of a soldier in Woolwich is blindsided as indicating nothing other than the fact that there are always lunatics to be found anywhere. Shrug your shoulders and say ‘terrible’ but it’s no indication of any fundamental illness abroad in the land.

Little by little, the factions introduced into Britain which are in a position to grow in numbers are organising themselves to colonise whole areas and to impose their power. Little by little, others move out.

Within a decade we will have multiple statelets within our state. Tower Hamlets in East London with its interesting electoral practices is showing the way within the capital.

It’s no surprise that the Sainsburys in question was not far away.

28 thoughts on “Balkanised Britain

  1. It’s as if Britain has become some form of gaming zone for rival third world factions. It has all of the feel of the Alien series of films. Surreal. Yet whilst these rival factions are each still relatively small in number and at one another’s throats, they are at their most vulnerable now. Food for thought.

  2. I think there is growing ‘anti-semitism’ in Britain because of the disgusting actions of Israel and their slaughter of innocent women and children in Gaza.

    1. I would call it anti-Israeli sentiment or anti-Zionism. Although genuine anti-semitism does exist in Britain and has always done so (though we are one European country that never went in for it much compared to many in Europe) too many Jews think people who are critical of Israel are automatically anti-Jewish when often they are not. Indeed, some of Israel’s staunchest critics are Jewish themselves .Most genuine anti-semitism in Britain comes from the ever-growing muslim population rather then native Britons though the BBC and the media try to make out otherwise.

  3. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians are British, nor are Judaism and Islam British religions. Alien foreign rivalries and beliefs should have been kept out of our country and not have been permitted to adulterate British society. Now we are increasingly paying the price for our home-grown politicians’ anxious greed to promote themselves to international Eurozone moguls so that they can swan about looking even more puffed-up than a tractor tyre.

    The price we surviving ordinary British natives pay for allowing our politicians to strut their political vanity like grotesque beauty queens is, quite simply and accurately, a present-day non-British Britain. This is probably the very best reason for a Nationalist government, though I can think of many other reasons as well. The native British population should vote Nationalist before we are outnumbered in our own country. If a Nationalist government is not elected in Britain within the next 50 years or so, then the dwindling minority of indigenous British people will live in ghettos and turn to drink to ease their miserable path to extinction, exactly as we can see happening today in the case of the native Australian people (or Aboriginals), whose native land Australia once was.

    Our nation should be warned!

  4. The betrayal of our people and culture continues today. Cameron has not moved on any substantial positive action against immigrants pouring into our country.

    The answer to this problem is to stop all welfare payments to all immigrants. We are paying for our own destruction. We are paying them to continue to outbreed our own race. No doubt they well know what to claim in other benefits.

    Mass immigration has been allowed into this country against the wishes of the majority of the British people. Islam has been allowed to establish itself here with drastic results, mosques built in our cities and towns, Muslims taking control of the running of schools, and much more.

    No one knows exactly how many aliens we have in this country. We do know that the UK Border Farce has lost track over half-a-million of illegal immigrants and that, no doubt, is probably an underestimate.

    I see UKIP mentioned in online comments in the Daily Mail and Express. How many of the supporters realise that UKIP are fielding Muslim candidates next year in the General Election. In addition, they have a candidate who is an orthodox Jew who refuses to shake hands or touch any female. So bizarre you could not make it up.

    The coastguard recently stopped a boat in the English Channel containing four immigrants. When asked what they were doing they replied that they were invading England. “What just the four of you” said the coastguard. “Of course not”, they replied, “The rest are already here”.

    Many a true word spoken in jest.

    1. UKIP’s position is that if immigration is largely halted then the millions already here who are overwhelming our way of life will ‘integrate’ – presumably agreeing to abandon their own traditions which ‘multiculturalism’ encouraged them to maintain.

      That really is the core difference between our party and UKIP. Do readers believe that this would really happen? In our view it’s a reassuring fantasy which gets UKIP off the hook of the disastrous problems we face and offers easy solutions which don’t really exist.

      1. (Replying to BDP Moderator). As someone long retired who has experienced the decline of the British from the 1940s until the present, I believe you are right to highlight this issue – perhaps we might refer to it politely as the “UKIP Paradox”?

        Regardless of UKIP protestations, I perceive UKIP as capitalising on the typical two-faced anxious-not-to-appear-rude nature of the average British population. What I mean is this:- I suspect that a majority of voters will secretly think: “I would like to vote Nationalist in order to get our country back – but they are seen as ‘Nazis’, and I don’t want to be branded a Nazi at work/the pub/the school PTA/ in the local paper etc. etc.. Therefore I shall vote UKIP, because they seem to promise to do similar things, but they do it nicely without upsetting most ordinary people or offending other races.”

        I have news for such “moderate wannabe Nationalists” – the British people must face up to the fact that you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs. UKIP wants to convince people that you CAN!

        1. That analogy you proffered in your last sentence is spot-on. Unfortunately, the time has long since passed for ‘easy’ solutions. If Enoch Powell had been listened to (although he wasn’t the first to sound the warnings. A fellow Tory MP called Cyril Osbourne did so in the 1950’s) otherwise we wouldn’t be in the dire situation now of our country being totally overwhelmed and turned into a replica of the Third World. Simply put, UKIP are yesterday’s solution to today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

      2. (Party Member) The difference between a fake, civic, pretend Nationalist Party and a real one is this. A policy of REPATRIATION if we continue on the present path. This is because of migrant births. If immigration were totally halted we would still become a minority within our own country because we are being outbred. Any party that does not acknowledge this is CONNING THE ELECTORATE.

  5. Basically we let the world in and they couldnt care two hoots about us or our culture and country they might as well stick two fingers up to.

    In the meantime in the name of multiculturalism and progress they can fight their mini wars out none of it to do with us but we pay the consequences of their actions.

    They are increasing their numbers rapidly while we stand by and watch and our own identity and culture destroyed. Multiculturalism by its nature means celebrate and promote minorities at the expense of the now dwindling majority and yet they want them all to integrate how exactly? There are too many to digest and our own culture is shoved to the outskirts of major cities and towns yet as said above multiculturalism means people keep cultures yet integration means the opposite. Complete madness!

  6. You think you have it bad in the UK. I’ll see your media cover up and raise you one. Army Major (a psychiatrist no less) Nadal Hassan went j-had-i at Ft Hood Army base in Texas. He shot 51 U.S soldiers 13 of whom died, many others maimed for life, all the while howling Allah Akbar. This was reported in the US media as just another case of work place violence. God help us.

  7. The problem with Mr Gove is that he is a ‘neo-Conservative’ and thus wants to get our country far too close to the foreign policies of the USA and Israel. He would do well were he to join UKIP. Having fundamentally pro-British foreign policies which don’t involve our country in foreign disputes which have no real national interest implications for us is another big difference we have with the misnamed CONServative Party and its little brother of UKIP.

  8. (Party Member) Yes Graham, you and Steven are right. However it does us no good constantly saying it. Surely the point is that Ukip VOTERS THINK they are VOTING AGAINST IMMIGRATION AND EUROPE. Therefore we need to discuss ways of getting them to VOTE FOR US!

  9. I agree John Shaw. I think one of the best ways of doing this is to point-out how UKIP’s excessively globalist economic stance is contrary to the interests of the vast majority of ordinary people. This is, by far, UKIP’s biggest flaw as a party and needs to be hammed home time and time again. We support free market economics BUT we want market forces to operate WITHIN a framework where the national interest is not damaged. I support the kind of economy which enabled Japan to rise from being a bombed-out (indeed the only country in history to suffer not one but two nuclear attacks) ruin in 1945 to being an economic superpower by the 1960’s. That wasn’t achieved by Thatcherism on steroids.

    1. And it wasn’t achieved by free market economics either, but by Japanese protectionism combined with a free hand in the American markets

      1. Yes, that is correct. The Japanese government after WW2 allowed free market forces to work BUT they also made sure the domestic market for manufactured products was weighted heavily in the favour of their own industrial firms such as Sony, Hitachi, Toyota, Honda by putting tariffs on foreign-made goods and this enabled the bosses of those companies to make investments for the future with a pretty good expectation those investments would make a profit. So, it was free markets BUT not so totally free as to harm Japanese companies. In other words it was capitalism but not the kind of leave it all to the market/’laissez faire’ globalist capitalism so beloved of Right-wing Thatcherite Tories/UKIP. There was a degree of government direction of free market forces.

        1. The Japanese strategy was to build for future industrial prosperity rather than producing things which provided the maximum domestic prosperity now. That meant not engaging in free trade. With free trade industry would never have developed like it did.

          In other words they invested for the future.

          1. Agreed. It is obvious therefore that Japan would never have become the economic superpower it is if it had followed globalist ‘leave everything to market forces’/Thatcherism. We support a market economy BUT NOT AN UNRESTRAINED market economy. That, I suggest, is a major difference between us and the Tory party’s little brother of UKIP.

  10. Of course, we also have to inform the electorate of how UKIP’s stance on immigration (in particular) lacks any real principles and is really akin to how the Tories use the issue ie not because they have any real concerns but as a cheap electoral ploy to gain some easy votes.

    1. It amazes me that people actually believe that UKIP will get to grips with this present mess. The UKIP answer is to treat the wound with a sticking plaster and prayers. Nationalists on the other hand realise that there is only one way to treat a cancer. Cut it out.

  11. UKIP is the answer to a question posed about thirty years ago. If they had been around in the late 1970’s they might well have had a useful role to play but now they are just being a roadblock to the answers to TODAY’s questions.

    1. (Party Member) I receive regular Lord Ashcroft (Tory) Polls that are surprisingly frank in the questions they ask. Whilst not taking them as gospel, they do make interesting reading.

      The latest poll result says, amongst other things, that in Clacton (forthcoming by-election) 59% of Tory voters in the last General Election will NOW vote Ukip. Also 45% of Labour voters in the last General Election will NOW vote Ukip. The MYTH that Ukip voters are JUST TORIES is just that, a MYTH PUT ABOUT BY MARXISTS who see Ukip is a STEPPING STONE TO NATIONALISM. I too see it this way. If you like Ukip you will LOVE THE BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

  12. You are quite correct John , UKIP voters are not all Tories. Indeed we know that many voters who have in the past voted Nationalist now vote UKIP. It is the party itself that is a clone of the old Tory party (long since dead). In fact Farage said as much in his “If Maggie were alive and still leading the Tory Party there would be no need for UKIP ” statement.

    Many of us joined the Nationalist movement because we were sick and tired of hearing politicians lies and empty promises, especially re Immigration, jobs, law and order and the EU. I have yet to hear Farage or any UKIP spokesman give a satisfactory answer to any of these important issues. Farage cleverly acknowledges the problems but I do not think he or his party has the will or the backbone to implement the remedy. Therefore a vote for UKIP is in my eyes a wasted vote.

  13. Spot on Graham. What really is the purpose of UKIP? Of course, the political game does have to be carefully played but at the same time there have to be some real principles as well and UKIP’s principles in as far as they can be discerned (which isn’t easy at times) are not really in line with ours in many respects.

    Nigel Farage and his party don’t really have major problems with mass immigration and his globalist economic policies wouldn’t serve to rectify the British economy’s faults but make them worse still.

    It is our job to make the electorate aware that if they want real action on immigration, crime, and making our economy stronger for the long-term then UKIP is not the answer.

    How we exactly go about this is for careful thought but do it we must as UKIP is offering people false hope.

  14. ( Party Official ) Islam is NOT COMPATABLE with the Christian way of life within CIVILISED COUNTRY’S. With the liberal types and Marxists about to campaign in the media , that the average MUSLIM does not want to take over our society , how come Islamists are not pouring on to the streets , demonstrating against the terrorists and saying ‘ NOT IN OUR NAME ‘ ?

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