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Chairman’s Report

The important thing is to stop endlessly debating what we would do if in power on ideological grounds, but concentrate on getting there via practical means. Pragmatism does not mean loss of principles – it means distinguishing between recognition of the objective (strategy) and flexibility of means (tactics) – using every opportunity to get closer to the real goal.

Enoch Powell: a great patriot

Enoch Powell became famous (some say notorious) fifty years ago when, as a Conservative opposition MP, he gave a speech criticising large scale immigration from the Commonwealth on 20 April 1968, to a Conservative Association meeting in Birmingham.



It is sad to report the death of Ken Booth, the first Deputy Chairman of the British Democratic Party. His funeral took place in his home city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Tuesday 7th August, attended by over 100 mourners,

Revealing Our News Controllers

Kamal Ahmed, the BBC’s new Editorial Director of News, was born in the UK with a Sudanese father and an English mother. A graduate of Leeds University in 1990 with a degree in politics, it is not surprising he later worked on The Guardian  and then became political editor of  The Observer.

Just Like Britain, Canadians Are Denied The Truth

The media make me sick.  A gunman went on the rampage in Toronto Canada, killing two and injuring twelve and all the media can do is say people should not jump to any conclusions about possible motivation in regard to this incident.

Ignore The Will Of The People At Your Peril

A great headline from the Daily Express. A meaningful vote has already been taken by the people of this country and it is time the unelected members of the ‘other house’ and our elected MPs take account it.

Turning Point: The Trial of Alison Chabloz

Alison Chabloz – the heroic lady who poked fun at the great shibboleth of modern times aka the so-called ‘Holocaust’ – was convicted of uploading ‘three grossly offensive’ songs on YouTube by a Magistrates Court presided over by Judge John Zani.

Locking Up the Cage-Rattlers

Readers may well think he’s an enigma for starters in that it is not his real name and that he has spent as much time in making known his over-zealous support of Israel as he has in opposing the expansion of Islam in the UK.