August 9th get posters up to celebrate Whites Lives Matter

August 9th get posters up to celebrate Indigenous/Whites Lives Matter

White British people built everything in the UK.

Across the UK different patriotic groups are asking supporters to print off and display in as many places as possible ‘White Lives Matter’ posters. Further to take photos and upload them to social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Parler etc) with the hastag #whitelivesmatter





One thought on “August 9th get posters up to celebrate Whites Lives Matter

  1. Due to the relentless BBC/MSM propaganderising/ humiliation, of native Brits. Many have lost sight of what being British really means.
    A recent debate between Laura Towler- a native, proud, no nonsense nationalist Anglo Saxon, English lass from Leeds, V a failed , would be, pop singer and Civicist /£- evangelist from Ireland. Stands as the definitive exemplar of Nationalist reason V Globalist unreason and hate.
    The hollow Civic , anti- white (Lib/Lab/ Con, pro-J establishment) position was utterly debunked by this grand Yorkshire lass Download the entire debate, save it and do your folks a favour by circulating broadcasting it.A superb piece.
    Doolan V Laura Towler.

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