Another UKIP Leadership Contest – We Thought UKIP Had Already Collapsed!!!

by Anthony

We believe UKIP, as we all knew it, had already collapsed with the NEC being taken over by a clique of left wing political nincompoops who have no idea how to organise or where they wish to position the Party in the present UK political climate.

The Party is certainly political bankrupt and as we understand, a further leadership contest, following today’s vote of ‘no confidence’ in Henry Bolton by the NEC, will unquestionably leave it financially bankrupt. 

Shame really, UKIP had some very good ideas many of which are encapsulated in the British Democrats  ‘policy document’.

If you feel politically disenfranchised why not consider joining the British Democrats?

See this rather good post ‘ Why Join The British Democrats? by Anglo Saxon


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  1. Considering UKIP are a party that is beginning to resemble Labour in many ways, could any Brit really feel they were doing the right thing by continuing to vote for them ? it’s time they faced the facts, they have no policies that would make one bit of difference to our predicament. UKIP must concede they are no longer any help, but if anything a hindrance.

  2. UKIP are an example as to why good leadership is essential to party success. The integrity and behaviour of people facing the media and representing the electorate must be kept good.

    This is one reason why the British Democrats are a party worth supporting.

  3. This chap is not leadership material, and Ukip are toast now anyway. Ok, I accept they helped bring about the Brexit vote, which was, from a campaigning perspective, started years before by real patriots and nationalists. Ukip have no purpose anymore, other than being a diversion from genuine nationalism, which the media have always used them for.

  4. When you consider that the ” Rise of UKIP” was media promoted at the expense of the then electable BNP it is no surprise that now the BNP threat has been extinguished although sadly through its own stupid leadership. UKIP is no longer needed and its once upon a time Media buddies have smelt blood and are devouring its rotten cascass.UKIP has gone past its ” sell by date” even if it was in a healthy state because it is and always was a one issue entity, it is History.The demise only mirrors the past errors of the Nationalist Movement in Britain,romours of ego’s creating friction,love affairs, dubios accounting etc,etc we as Nationalist have seen it all before.

    • Exactly Graham. Ukip were and indeed still are , ‘ a one issue entity ‘. We are a real Political Party , with Nationalist views and Policies on all subjects. That’s why I always use our full name . BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY. We are NOT a one issue PRESSURE GROUP and that’s why I expect this year we will make considerable ground in terms of Membership Growth , Public Profile and much else besides.

  5. getting rid of the failed 3 parties is vital

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