Andrew Brons Speaks Outside Buckingham Palace

A video of Andrew Brons MEP saying a few short non-political words to his video support crew has now been released and can be seen below.

8 thoughts on “Andrew Brons Speaks Outside Buckingham Palace

  1. It’s all about the correct presentation and Andrew Brons has it all exactly right. The short video is perfect. Being seen in the right place amongst thoroughly acceptable people and being thoroughly accepted. He knows what to say and how to say it. Knows when not to say something. Accent correct, Dress sense correct, air of respectability. Mild mannered nice old uncle type – we all feel safe and secure with someone like that in charge. Have to say he is almost unique in the BNP for having those qualities. Clumsy and unrefined springs to mind for most – Too many old ‘Cor Blimey’s’ and old ‘Fish Wives’ who don’t speak or dress nicely. But I see a new era about to happen. People like me want to vote nationalist but so far don’t and it is the people not the policies which put me off.

  2. Since the above film was made we now have the British Democratic Party, with Andrew Brons. His behaviour and attitude is statesmanlike Those familiar with the events of the time will recall what a p.r. disaster this opportunity was turned into by the leader of the old party ! We are determined to avoid the mistakes of the past. Help mould the winning Nationalist future by JOINING the NEW BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TODAY !

  3. ( Party Official ) HAPPY 90TH. BIRTHDAY , YOUR MAJESTY. From all Members and Supporters of the British Democratic Party.

  4. ( Party Official ) Being ROYALIST is part of our NATIONALIST FORMULA. Sure we feel constantly let down by lack of support from the Royals , as our Race and Nation start to disappear in the onslaught of mostly hostile mass Immigration , but we are MONARCHIST’S.

  5. ( Party Official ) I thought people would enjoy a moment from the past , as our Party’s CHAIRMAN enjoyed a visit to BUCKINGHAM PALACE. I hope next time he goes it will be because the Queen wishes to ask him to form a GOVERNMENT !

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