Andrew Brons, MEP Shows How the Media Should be Handled

An interview with Andrew Brons MEP, conducted on Sky News shortly after his election to the European Parliament, serves as a testimony to his ability to handle hostile media.

The interview, which can be seen in full below, will serve as a timely reminder of Mr Brons’s ability to project party viewpoints and positions with great clarity and meaning, even in the face of hostile questioning.

The British Democratic Party can be proud that it has a person of Mr Brons’s ability out there on the front line, looking to the interests of the indigenous population of this country.

9 thoughts on “Andrew Brons, MEP Shows How the Media Should be Handled

  1. What a shame the video ran out at a crucial point, it would be great if our members understood our political position with regards to the left and right stigmas placed upon political party policies. Is the BNP far, extreme or even right at all? For those who think the reference point refers to the centre ground, how do we know were centre really lies when it can move and often does? One thing is certain, Andrew, without obvious preparation left that presenter wanting badly, she clearly thought she was about to interview a knuckle dragger. What a Statesman we have in Andrew, what a magnificent role model he would make as chairman!
    [The video continues underneath the first one, – Ed].

  2. First class! If anyone has any doubt about Mr Brons and his speaking capabilities where the press are concerned, this will alleviate such concerns. Place this film against that of Chairman Griffin in question time and you will see that the answer is to vote for Mr Brons MEP.

  3. “Its the division of labor. You ask the questions and I do the answers. I’m sure you would like to ask the questions and to do the answers them and if thats so thats fine but don’t ask me to come along….I answer the questions in the way I want to but not necessarily in the way you would like me to”

    Classic! I remember watching this interview going out live and having a smile from one ear to the other. I’ve never forgotten the lines I quoted above. The good old days!

  4. I remember this interview (how could I forget it).Brilliant speaker and very confident.Always hoped that he would stand for leader, well now he has and I shall be very happy to vote for him. Well done Mr Andrew Brons.

  5. (Party Member) According to him it was Farage’s 25th appearance on Question Time this week. If only it was our Andrew Brons, Sam Swerling or Adrian Davies representing our British Democratic Party. We have others as well who would put the case for real British Nationalism with the dignity and coherence that has been tragically lacking in the past.

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