A Meeting Held on 26th September 2020

Andrew met a group of five British Nationalists, who were attending as
representatives of others, as well as themselves.

“I shall not pretend that the BDP or British Democrats has taken the
country by storm and become a household name. It emphatically has not.
Nevertheless, we have made some significant achievements. One was in the
May elections in 2019 in Wyke, Bradford, where Jim Lewthwaite secured
25% of the vote, beating the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Greens
and coming second to Labour.
Another, perhaps less obvious but more important is that we have become
a template – a pattern if you will – for an ideal Nationalist Party. By
an ideal Nationalist Party, I mean one that will not make the repeated
mistakes that have left the Nationalist Movement what it is today.
To work out what that would entail, we must ask what repeated mistakes
the Nationalist Movement has made over the years.
One is that we have fought endless civil wars against perceived internal
opponents. Leaderships have misused security officers against their
perceived internal opponents and misused disciplinary procedures against
those same internal opponents.
Externally, we (or rather some of us) have made the mistake of believing
that saying deliberately offensive things sometimes in deliberately
offensive language or taking part in offensive actions such as nailing a
pig’s head to a mosque door, are a mark of sincererity and loyalty to
the Cause.
I believe that we must embrace the right kind of Radicalism without
embracing the wrong kind. Equally, we must embrace the right kind of
moderation without embracing the wrong kind.
The right kind of Radicalism is to recognise that a Nation is based on a
common or shared ancestry. If that sounds terribly daring and even
dangerous to say, we might remind ourselves that the respected polling
organisation, British Social Attitudes asked their sample what the basis
of Britishness was and 51% replied that ancestry was. Nationality is not
the same as citizenship. It is not created by law or legal procedure. It
is not based on shared liberal values, which some would have us believe.
The wrong kind of Radicalism is the use of offensive language or
carrying out offensive actions.
The right kind of Moderation is speaking to, and about, the ethnic
minorities in our country with respect. Indeed, we must pride ourselves
on the fact that we, unlike the Political Class, treat them with the
respect of recognising that they are defined by their ethnicities. The
Political Class sees their ethnicities as superficial and something that
can be overstamped with the words, British Citizen.
The wrong kind of moderation is to avoid reference to ancestry or race.
It is the so-called Moderation of the English Democrats, of UKIP or the
Brexit Party or For Britain.
A future Nationalist Party must be internally democratic and have checks
and balances. No individual must have the power of appointment of the
governing body. That must be elected by the membership.
Furthermore, the security apparatus must be independent of the
leadership and must concentrate onm external threats to the security of
the Party and its members. It must be forbidden by the Constitution from
engaging in factional infighting.
The disciplinary procedure must be out of the control of the leadership.
The BDP constitution provides that up to a dozen tribunal members should
be elected in the long term and not one selected an ad hoc basis for a
particular disciplinary case. Three tribunal members should be selected
at random from the twelve, to ensure that they are not chosen on
factional criteria.
Most of all, a Party culture should be encouraged that respects
difference of opinion on strategy and tactics.
We must show that we are democrats and respect our democratic system, as
much as it is democratic. We must respect freedom of speech and
political liberty for our opponents, as well as for ourselves. We must
convince the electorate that we would respect their right to make
choices and have their choices respected.”

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