Africa is Colonising Europe

colonisation-of-europe-sReport by John Bean. 


As suggested by Mike Newland here (see his Sep 19 report) Sir David Attenborough is to be complimented for his realistic comments on aid to Africa. Who can seriously deny that the exploding population – at the highest rate in the world – means that there are too many people for the available land.

According to the US-based Population Reference Bureau, Africa’s population will more than double to 2.4 billion within 40 years, if birth rates stay as they are and there are no signs that they will fall – as long as Europe and the USA continue to feed them  and provide modern medicine.

African mothers currently give birth to an average of 5.2 children, rising to 7.6 in Niger ( which is mainly Moslem), the country with the world’s highest fertility rate. This is close to five times the European average of 1.6 children born to each woman and unless this increases to 2.1 it means that the original white Europeans, from Britain to the Baltic to Bulgaria, will eventually become as extinct as the Dodo

It is hard to find  the true figures of sub-Saharan immigration to Britain or to Europe in total. Apart from the desire of the liberal-left consensus to minimise the numbers in case they frighten the voters to do something, the main reason for this is that illegal immigration is facilitated by the ease with which Africans now arrive by sea in thousands monthly on Europe’s most southern coasts. However, figures published by our Office for National Statistics give an estimate of 1.2 million immigrants coming to Britain in 2011 from Sub-Saharan Africa. With illegals it is probably nearer two million ( and note that here I am only dealing with the problem of  African, and not Asian, immigration). Another report for last year says that 102,000 people from Africa were living on benefits. For Europe as a whole, the only  immigration figure I can find is eight million.

If we look at history countries have changed hands when armies have conquered them and are followed by the armies’ settlers. Neither Africa as a whole nor its individual nations have landed any soldiers on our shores. But sure enough we are slowly being conquered, not by military force but by the wombs of African women – and what’s more our decadent rulers of the old regime are subsidising them to do it.

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  1. John, over 12 months ago now, there was talk of job centres being opened in the EU for the recruitment of 55 MILLION African immigrants for Europe. Don’t know how many have so far been imported, but the north of my city – Stoke-on-Trent – is beginning to resemble an African state, with every vacant property getting a black face put into it.

  2. Do you have a source for the the claim that the Office for National Statistics gave an estimate of 1.2 million immigrants coming to Britain in 2011 from Sub-Saharan Africa’? That would be 12 million in a decade from sub-Saharan African alone. If you assume that a third of immigrants come from sub-Saharan Africa, that would be 36 million total immigrants in a decade, or 72 million in two decades.

    Immigration is bad enough without inflating the statistics.

  3. A reason for immigration into the UK – amongst several other reasons which are not written about in this piece of text – is that the British Establishment is and has always been a believer that all economic problems can be solved by unlimited quantities of cheap unskilled labour. The establishment cannot and will not countenance a labour force of highly productive well-trained lower class Britons backed by the most modern technology and investment and a clever well trained management. Why are they frightened? Well it is because a people like that would see through and call for the reform and maybe abolition of a British establishment that is based primarily on birth and inherited wealth. Unfortunately, it does look like the majority of Nationalists love the old establishment and refuse to see that it is this establishment that props open the door to immigrants. It is not an immigration problem it is a British problem. If you want to stop immigration threaten the establishment with an attack on their most precious institutions. Some Nationalists would agree but most would not. This is where Nationalists really will have to break apart if they ever want to achieve power.

    1. The establishment is now wedded to short-term profit. That’s why training collapsed and it became addicted to cheap foreign labour which constantly needs replenishing as incomers learn the ropes.

      When immigration began in earnest in the 1950s a big motivating force was simply that there was too much demand in the economy and real labour shortages. The correct answer would have been to control demand.

      Once the habit of importing took hold so did an addiction to it even when it became totally disadvantageous and without even a shred of genuine justification from the viewpoint of an individual business.

  4. I have been away and just seen the unfortunate error in my report on the ONS figures for 2011 that I gave for sub-Saharan African immigrants. The 1.2 million was meant to be the official total up to that date and not for the year alone. I fully agree with Adam Smith that we must not appear to exaggerate immigration figures. The ONS figures are given for each African country individually and were totalled up by me.

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