A Lottery For Leftist Causes

Reported by Jane Edwards



I used to gamble £1 a week on the National Lottery (won £10 once) but gave it up a couple of years  back when I was made aware of  how many leftie causes the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)  gave funds to. The latest to hit the news was an award of £95,800 to the Peace Pledge Union “to raise awareness of the role of conscientious objectors” during the First and Second World Wars. This was the day before it turned down a request for £92,900 financial help from the Royal British Legion to expand its Real Poppy Campaign to distribute seeds next year to be sown across the country in time for the 100th anniversary  of WW One.

Now the Chairman of the HLF  since 2008 is Dame Jenny Abramsky. She got her ‘Dameship’ by her many years as a Director of the BBC, where she was effectively in charge of its radio stations. She left the BBC with a pension of £190,000 every year (paid for by your licence), which is now topped up by another £45,000  for two days a week at the HLF – and at 67 she will be qualified for the old folks winter heating allowance.

Some of the recent HLF grants she must have approved include £69,400 for an archive and exhibition about Polari, apparently a language used in the gay community in the 1960s,  and £42,000 for an exhibition about the impact of musicians such as the Sex Pistols on Manchester.

We must again ask ourselves ‘why is it that the BBC is dominated by people with left wing opinions throughout its structure, some of whom go on to infect other areas? One answer is that because all of its jobs are only advertised in the Guardian. Then I spotted a letter in the Telegraph of  September 12th from a reader in Kent. In expressing his disgust  at the Lottery Fund turning down the Poppy request he wrote:

“…like the BBC and a host of other public bodies involved in the area of education, media and culture, the National Lottery has been colonised by Left-leaning  individuals, whose raison d’etre is to promote and facilitate a politically correct and generally non-national social agenda….  The failure of successive Tory governments to tackle the Left’s great march through our cultural institutions is to blame for this latest insult to our country.”

Well, I thought, it seems that when nationalists like John Bean, Mike Newland and Steve Johnston wrote on our website about the ‘long march through the institutions’, and were poo-hooed for this by a couple of Brit Dem viewers here, they weren’t far of the mark. Even I got the point that the idea was founded by Marxist intellectuals in Frankfurt University back in the twenties (long since dead) and as it was more rewarding for their cause than trying to start physical revolutions, it’s received top priority ever since.

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  1. Very good article. I read somewhere that the BBC have a charter with the public which is why the public pay the licence. The BBC accept money from the EU to adopt a pro-EU stance/slant in their programmes/news. By doing this, they have broken the terms of the charter. Therefore, the public is not obliged to go on paying the fee. Several people have actually gone as far as not paying it and have received visits from BBC representatives. However, on being told why they are not paying, these representatives have simply left and as far as I know, nothing more was heard.
    I should like to know if this is really the case, perhaps from someone who has been brave enough to do that.
    If enough people did it…………

  2. We must start our own lottery to fight seats in Kent in 2015. We need to all to act together. Have a giant wall on our web site. Minimum for each brick up to whatever each person can afford.
    Only by taking the fight to the political elite at each election can we start to begin the fight back.

  3. It is not entirely unexpected that someone who goes by the moniker ‘Abramsky’ should be anti-national. The surprise would be if they were not.

    People of immigrant stock like her tend to think that their own positions would be best served if the native British were stripped of the ownership of their country, so that it can then be handed over to people like themselves.

    They dress up their self-serving motivations in ideology of course.

  4. (Party Member) Our heritage of basic, decent Christian type values is being slowly and systematically destroyed. The deadly alliance between liberalism and Marxism is winning. There is however, HOPE. It is called the British Democratic Party.

  5. Every time one gives to Charity the largest chunk by far is taken up by the CEO and staff members. I’m aware my cousin who is a pathologist employed part time by a cancer charity. receives a stipend of £ 130 thousand per year. Quite a few bucket collection require there. And again Bucket collectors, one now sees at the entrance to supermarkets . Many if not most are paid, not volunteers.
    So back to Lottery cash .
    Yes no argument from me. The world is run by Marxist’s so they choose the charities. They do not choose the winners. So they, the winners are free to channel their good fortune to whom ever they desire. Including the political party of their choice.
    If your not in it .You cannot win it. One must be realistic in all things .Not live on an Island shut off . That is of course if one actually believes the whole thing is legit, and the winners are not picked. I believe some think this way as well.
    I believe the BNP once had a lottery . Its financial shortcomings would not allow me to part with extra hard earned. But then any party that thinks it can raise cash by a gaming instinct isn’t really going to prosper.
    Unfortunately in Nationalist politics money is hard to come by.

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