A General Budget Response

by British Democrats Financial Correspondent

Mass immigration destroys any government financial initiative, however well founded.


Our small country has a horrific housing problem and while the subject is as complicated as it is emotive our Party asks this;  How can continually flooding the country with more and more people, do anything other than make the situation worse and worse?


Despite Britain having a higher number of people in work than ever before;  How can flooding the country continually, with more people, do anything other than make sufficient jobs creation impossible?  Also mass-immigration undermines everyone’s ability to be paid a decent wage.


Despite the Government adopting the British Democrats policy of returning the ‘Road Tax’ from the ‘general fund’ to actually spending it on the roads, (See John Shaw) our little country is being overwhelmed by traffic, caused by mass-immigration which is also causing many other infrastructure strains as well.


Yet again, government policy of putting in ever increasing amounts of public money into the publics National Health Service, is absolutely futile, whilst we continue to flood the country with more and more people under a policy which is quite frankly genocidal, on this subject. The Marxist led Labour Party actually have the audacity to blame us by saying it is all ‘all our fault’ as we are living longer! They are aided and abetted in this by a very deceitful Conservative and Liberal Party coalition of betrayal of the British People.

All Government economic policy is rendered futile until the sensible and indeed vital, British Democratic Party policy of ending mass-immigration is implemented and in the interests of law and order, we start deporting foreign criminals. Then we can have a real budget!

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  1. Foreign criminals. If someone committed a serious sexual assault in their own country. They will not be able to return to where they come from. So were do they return to after release. I know Britain will give us free aid, and no one will know what I’ve done . What a dangerous situation to allow to happen to a country they (pretend to love)

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