By Peter Mills MA PhD




At this time of writing, the world’s most widespread and lethal outbreak of Ebola has already caused the highly unpleasant deaths of some 700 people. The number of fatalities is increasing on a daily basis. The Ebola virus is now active in at least three African countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where it has reached the capital city Conakry [1].

The Ebola virus is believed to originate and spread within animals such as fruit bats, antelope and chimpanzees. Considering the popularity amongst certain people of so-called “bush-meat” (meat from animals civilized people would not dream of eating, such as fruit bats, antelope and chimpanzees) it is perhaps hardly surprising that such viruses become adapted to, and then spread, in human communities [2].

Tracing the origin of Ebola in humans to ‘bush-meat’ is evidently a sensitive subject in countries that have large bush meat eating populations, as evidenced by the strangely self-contradictory protestations of Dr. Yewande Adeshina, Special Advisor on Public Affairs to the Lagos State Government. On a local TV program, she pronounced the assurance: “We don’t have any proven scientific relationship between eating bush meat and catching the infection. But we do know that preparation of these wild animals, especially if they carry the virus, can lead to the infection” [3].

So there you have a local expert’s comforting official opinion given in a single breath – Ebola may not transfer to humans from bush-meat, but eating bush-meat may cause Ebola to transfer to humans. It’s a shame there is no prestigious world award such as a Reverse Nobel Prize given for the most self-contradictory piece of political propaganda or government face-saving.

Ebola is a truly ghastly way to die. There is as-yet no vaccine. It is medically incurable. It has been established that the current outbreak involves the deadliest and most aggressive strain, which has a death rate of over 90%. (Medecin Sans Frontieres).  First symptoms are sudden fever, intense weakness, muscle pain and a sore throat. This progresses into vomiting, diarrhoea and uncontrollable internal and external bleeding. Put as delicately as possible, the infected patient essentially discharges their liquefied internal organs as excrement. The virus spreads like wildfire through contact with infected blood, body fluids or body parts. It can thus also be transmitted sexually and by simply kissing, even by shaking hands.

Alarm bells should be ringing all over Britain regarding this outbreak. Why? Because it is spreading, helped by modern travel methods. Ebola reached Lagos, Nigeria, in July from a man who travelled there by airliner. He has since died. There is nothing to prevent someone infected with the Ebola virus from boarding a flight into the United Kingdom. We have no way of knowing whether the virus has by now entered the UK – we can only pray that it has not!

However, don’t waste your time praying to our politically-correct, immigration-worshipping politicians!

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has said that the UK government is taking the current outbreak “very seriously”. That’s good to hear. However, he also claimed that the UK health service has the experience to deal with the Ebola virus. How, we must ask – when there is as-yet no cure?

He went on to state reassuringly that the main threat to Britain only comes from “…someone contracting the disease abroad and becoming unwell back in the UK.” Yes – we know that! (In response to this particular assessment by the Foreign Secretary, I think it is entirely appropriate to paraphrase John Cleese’s classic remark as Basil Fawlty:- “You should go on ‘Mastermind’ – Philip Hammond, specialist subject: the bleedin’ obvious!”)

He then blustered: “It’s not about the disease spreading in the UK, because we have frankly different standards of infection control procedure that would make that most unlikely.” Well, I think we can all spot the mistake there, can’t we?

With a National Health Service ruptured by the government, swamped in most regions by swelling immigrant populations and in a state of acknowledged total meltdown, and thereby unable to even supply a full and efficient Accident & Emergency service, and where local GP surgeries have emergency waiting times measured in weeks and pensioners are regarded as a time-wasting nuisance because they’re only going to die soon anyway, what possible action can the government take to control an outbreak of Ebola in the UK? The answer is simple and rhymes with “rugger ball”.

Rubbing salt in the government’s wounds, Lucy Moreton, General Secretary of the Immigration Service Union, has issued a statement that UK immigration and border control staff are complaining they are not prepared to deal with arriving Ebola carriers. As their union general secretary has recently pointed out on BBC Radio 4, immigration and border staff “serve on the front line” and are the first point of contact for people disembarking from aircraft. However, there are no health facilities at UK borders and no containment facilities, and staff are telephoning to ask what they are supposed to do in the event of Ebola, how can it be identified as infecting an incoming person, and what should be done if Ebola is suspected?

Well, I can do no better than to give what appears to be the Government’s official answer to such questions:- keep your fingers crossed and it might go away!



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    1. Indeed yes, Mark! Thank you for reminding me of this. I used to think it was a superb and very original series, but I had forgotten about it. For anyone who never saw it, it was a serial about the few survivors of a biological warfare virus which accidentally escaped and wiped out about 95% of humanity. The writing was excellent. I seem to recall the original and logical plot twist where a tramp, seen begging in the first episode, slowly became a leader of the survivor group because, unlike the rest, he had already learned how to survive for many years without modern technology. Am I right in thinking the actor playing the tramp was Talfryn Thomas, who also played “Mr. Cheeseman” the local reporter in Dad’s Army??? The Ebola virus is a terrifying prospect. We should pray that it does not reach the UK.

  1. (Party Member) Our party tells it how it is! Before our politically correct media decided this latest threat to our country and people could be mentioned, our party HIGHLIGHTED this problem on 29/6/2014 ‘Exploiting the World Health Service’.

    I believe we should impose a blanket ban on anyone entering our Country from the infected countries. Although this solution would upset the liberal types who do not want the flow of immigrants to be interrupted, this solution has already been implemented within Africa. It is the duty of Government to protect the people.

  2. A good article Peter. I think we should remember that this is yet another disease from Africa, as was Aids.

    Africa is a source of problems to the UK that we should be dealing with firmly. How many online frauds originate from Africa especially from Nigeria.

    We seem to be an easy touch. This must stop.

  3. Could we get someone to write a hard-hitting article on the hypocrisy of our Prime Minister.

    He was surprised when opinion in our country went against Israel and in favour of the Palestinians. Why? He is turning Britain into an Islamic State as our people leave our shores in their droves. Now he is worried about Isis opinion growing in Britain and the possibility of attacks on us! Once again it is his doing.

  4. There is nothing to prevent someone infected with the Ebola virus from boarding a flight into the United Kingdom. We have no way of knowing whether the virus has by now entered the UK – we can only pray that it has not!

    Air travel carriers will not only infect the others in flight (I remember a woman from France travelling to New York infecting another 20 with TB because the aircraft recycles its air). Only when a pandemic occurs in this country…

    1. It’s been said leprosy is out and about here in the UK. And I also heard smallpox we thought eradicated is making a comeback.

  5. As one whose baby sister died of diphtheria in 1942 when the whole family (except Dad) went down with it, I wonder how long it will be until mass immigration brings this deadly disease back into Britain.

  6. (Party Member) I hope we re-organise our superb website to cater for a section dealing with current events as it is difficult to work them in with the current format. Today (28/8/2014) there are the, even worse, immigration figures, the ongoing collapse of multi-culturalism in Rotherham and the story of the Tory MP who has resigned in favour of Ukip thus causing a by-election.

  7. (Party Member) Talking about diseases being brought into our country, have you noticed how the media no longer mention the fact that people from certain countries have a ghastly habit of bringing in ‘bush meats’ (like snake) which are believed to have been the cause of ebola in humanity?

    We can’t have people possibly blaming immigrants for ebola in Britain! Please read the above article and comments and noting when they were written and you will see the common sense of the British Democratic Party. JOIN US TODAY !

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