The 3 Lessons Of Grenfell Tower

by Anglo Saxon


Grenfell Tower – Changes In Our Laws Are Required

Lesson One.

All buildings of this type should be fitted with sprinkler systems in addition to upgrading the cladding.

Lesson Two.

Anyone who abuses tower block buildings by damaging them or having secret tenants living there (sub-letting) for cash, must be removed forthwith.

Lesson Three.

Only indigenous British people to be housed in tower blocks until the housing shortage crisis is solved with a long term aim of housing people properly, with all tower blocks in Britain to be demolished eventually, our people deserve better.


The British Democratic Party, like all other political parties in our country, advocate changes in the laws of our land to enable our social and economic policies to be enacted.

Until we achieve our aims, under the democratic system, we insist on our laws being followed, both by ourselves and all others, as democracy is Britain’s greatest strength.

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  1. Why do so many councils talk tough on subletting, yet seem to look the other way ? They have even spoke of jailing people who sublet, yet as we see time and time again, this does not happen.

  2. REGARDING LESSON ONE : The Building Management Rules were , that in the event of a FIRE , People should stay put in there flats and let the Fire Brigade do their job. This STUPID RULE RESULTED IN PEOPLE DELAYING EVACUATING THE BUILDING UNTILL IT WAS TOO LATE ! This and the fact that there were NO SPRINKLERS , compounded the tragedy.

  3. RERARDING LESSON TWO ; Public Housing costs Britain a fortune and the Grenfell flats and others nearby , were ‘ Knocked About ‘ by the Tennant’s . There is a Massive Waiting List for Properties and those given them should respect them and the Area or be removed. There are many DECENT PEOPLE , who in dire need of HOUSING , will replace them and at least be GRATEFUL. Given the DUBIOUS STATEMENTS FROM THE AUTHORITIES regarding WHO and how MANY perished in the Fire and knowing how some People BEHAVE , I have no doubt that the building was FULL OF SECRET , FOR CASH TENANT’S , MANY OF WHOME WERE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. This behaviour must cease.

  4. REGARDING LESSON THREE : Grenfell Tower was a MONUMENT TO THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DISASTER THAT IS MASS IMMIGRATION INTO OUR COUNTRY.The millions it costs to run , particularly with regard to Housing Benefit , the Dreadful Lives that Horrible Tower Blocks produce , the SHEER HATRED EXHIBITED TO ANY AUTHORITY ( even the Muslim Mayor had to be escorted away from the area by protective Police ) and the mixture of ungrateful and downright HOSTILE ( BEFORE THE FIRE ) alian people FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD ,was evident to us all through our T.V. screens , that provided blanket coverage for days. The BRITISH DEMOCRATIC PARTY TOTALLY OPPOSE THIS DESTRUCTION , BY GOVERNMENT POLICY , OF OUR SOCIETY.

    • The exposure of the alien character is to be welcomed.The Grenfell Inquiry will reveal all sorts of fascinating biological differences.Sadiq Khan was among his own but needed protection.

  5. seeing that odious opportunist Corbyn exploiting this tragedy by showing up after the event was a disgrace most likely shoring up support for Labour within the Former British City called London another reason why this shyster must never be allowed into Government remember vote Labour get Diane Abbot as Home Secretary or Fattie snob Emily Thornberry as Foreign Secretary

  6. Luxury Flats Among 300 Homes For Former Grenfell Tenants.

    Kensington and Chelsea town hall today announced a further £155 million will be spent on housing so all Grenfell Tower tenants will have the option of a permanent home by Christmas.

    The council aims to have at least 300 homes available by the end of the year. They include 68 flats in the luxury Kensington Row scheme, where flats are advertised at prices starting from 1.6 million.

    Tens of millions of pounds are being diverted from other budgets to increase the number of social homes after the Grenfell fire.

    The above article is from yesterday’s Evening Standard… now edited by liberal Tory”Britain is open and tolerant” George -10 ‘jobs’- Osborne…The Standard is currently the main diversity propagandist outlet in the capital, utilising Politically Correct censorship and guilt trips for Whites on a daily basis.

  7. Lesson One

    Sprinklers are not effective for this multi occupancy body.A sprinkler system would be set off on a daily basis particularly when the alien tenants have no understanding of fire regulations.Ergo the council would be sued on a daily basis when sprinklers ruin tenants furniture etc

  8. Diane , the sprinkler system would be designed to go off only in the flat with the fire , but I know what you mean , these uncivilised types could never cope with the system as it needs a level of understanding and co-operation that would be sadly lacking !

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