20% Unemployment amongst Poles in Britain Costs Taxpayer £4.5 Million per Week

Unemployment amongst Polish EU immigrants in Britain runs at 20 percent and costs the British taxpayer £4.5 million every week, nationalistunityforum.co.uk correspondent William Spearshake has pointed out.

It has been revealed during the last few days that we are now suffering from massive robbery of our national finances by a hoard of Polish pirates.

The European Union has such abysmal confidence in the integrity and honesty of the Poles and Bulgarians that in 2010 they refused to allow these countries access to free European travel without passports because the EU was frightened of the probability of a Europe-wide crime wave flooding in as a result.

Unfortunately, the British government consists of limp-wristed liberals living in a pink fluffy world of their own who thought it terribly unfair to mistrust an entire race in this manner.

So, to our national misfortune, even since 2004 Polish people have been freely permitted to come and work in Britain, and to sign-on for our benefits if they have no work, or do not want to put themselves out by working.

Even though the invasion of our country by the Poles is now a universally known fact to Britons, it has not been admitted until now just how many there are over here, and just how critically damaging their presence is to the British people and our disintegrating economy and living standards.

 These facts emerged a few days ago, but did not appear on many newspaper front pages, being hidden away inside if it was mentioned at all, and there has been no word about it on any news program, especially the BBC News (of course) which is nothing more these days than the government’s propaganda ministry.

It emerges that, over just the last seven year period, Polish people in Britain, who are now numbered in the hundreds of thousands, have robbed our country of – wait for it and take a deep breath – an estimated £23 billion!

In 2010 alone, the amount of British money pumped back to Poland as though by a giant pipeline was £3.7 billion. That is some £30 million a month, seven and a half million pounds a week, over one million pounds a day!

Much of this incredibly damaging sum withdrawn from the British economy has a “double whammy”, because not all of it is even earned by work.

The government, probably quite deliberately, has kept no detailed record or account of the exact number of any immigrant influx into Britain from any foreign country. However, there are “thought to be” about 390,000 Poles now living in our country (as the Daily Mail put it on page 2 on July 23rd, “this is the equivalent of a city larger than Cardiff”), of which statistics do exist to show that at least one in every five is unemployed and claiming all the free benefits they can.

That is at least 70,000 who are not working – 18 per cent! This alone costs us, the British taxpayer an estimated four-and-a-half million pounds each and every week.

There can be little doubt that a percentage of this is sent back home to Polish relatives and investment accounts, thereby producing that “double whammy” I mentioned, where, first, taxpayer’s money is freely scattered out in benefits, and second, a portion of the total is further sent to Poland thereby removing it entirely from the British economy (i.e. that money will not, evermore, even be used to make purchases from British shops or service industries or rents).

In case you were wondering, the ridiculous regulations of the European Union which our own government does not have the strength of character to question, let alone defy, mean that Polish people now have the identical rights to all benefits as the British native peoples. And the British voted for this? We must be stark, raving mad!

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  1. Just a side issue, Griffin’s ‘Get Out of the EU’ campaign which has been rolled out across the country makes no mention of the BNP on the table top display, I even wonder if the name BNP is printed on the petition forms, it all seems very odd, what’s he up to this time?

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